Basic rules and diet menu "2/5" by Michael Mosley

There are croissants with jam, do not give up a glass of wine, pamper yourself with pizza and... lose weight! Is that possible? Author fashion weight loss methods "2/5" Michael Mosley, is confident that the Yes!

The "2/5" Diet is a type of interval fasting. However, it does not require any complete abstinence from food from morning to dinner, or strict control over the composition products'.


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Technique Michael Mosley suggests the following rules:

1. During the week, you need to arrange 2 fasting days, during which calorie intake is minimized (for women – 500 kcal, for men – 600 kcal). In the remaining 5 days, you can stick to your usual diet, but you can not overeat.

2. During fasting days fruit juices, flour products, fatty and fried dishes, sugar, alcohol are excluded. It is better to eat lean meat, vegetable salads, cereals, eggs and low-fat cottage cheese.

3. And in ordinary days and in the days of the discharge need to comply with water. This is especially important, as the liquid is directly involved in fat burning and cleanses the body of accumulated harmful substances.

4. Not every day of the week diet restrictions are tolerated equally well. Studies have shown that Monday is the most unfavorable day for unloading.

Important! Before starting a diet, be sure to consult your doctor.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS Diet 16:8 – new trend in weight loss

500 calorie Menu

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Option #1

First meal: one egg

Second meal: chicken breast (150 g) + lettuce

Third meal: salad from juicy greenery

Option #2

First meal: oatmeal on water with pieces of fruit

Second meal: fish (150 g) + squash puree

Third meal: low-fat cottage cheese (150 g).

Diet "2/5" helps to lose up to 5 kilos of excess weight and significantly improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, which periodically needs rest!

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