Basic exercises for gaining muscle mass: which exercises are most effective

Set of exercises for weight gainMovement and intense training – this is what is vital for every man. Without allocating time for reduction of the organism in a tone, the person gradually begins to lose also self-confidence whereas performance of these or those physical exercises, on the contrary, leads to improvement of its Affairs even it is not for physical education fields. However, today we are talking about something else: how to gain muscle mass, what kind of exercises can help in this, and why should we start?

Basic exercises for weight gain

Virtually all research scientists in area psychology lead to one irrefutable conclusion: women subconsciously drawn to those men who can protect them. Given only this factor, it should be assumed that the stronger sex is really very important to gain weight and maintain it at the required level. And at first, they will be able to help in this basic exercises for gaining muscle mass.
Before starting the training program, you need to clearly understand that the body is a single system in which the bones and muscles are a kind of Foundation. And since the house without the Foundation is impossible, muscle relief is impossible and without a strong frame, which is possible to form with the help of the already mentioned basic exercises for weight gain. Only after the presence of an appropriate base, a man should start insulating training, where specific joints and muscle groups are worked out.
Set of exercises for weight gain
Effective exercises for weight gain, back muscles training:

  • rod thrust in tilt (biceps, triceps, back muscles and upper chest);
  • deadlift (leg muscles, back muscles, buttocks and trapezoids);
  • pullups on the bar (working on the biceps, triceps, back muscles and part of chest).

Base for Breasts:

  • bench press;
  • bench press dumbbells.

Set of exercises for weight gain
The base for the leg muscles:

  • Romanian thrust;
  • squats with barbell;
  • deadlift on straight legs;
  • exercises on Smith's simulator.

Press Base:

Base for biceps:

  • lifting barbells or dumbbells, standing.

Base for triceps:

  • press on the bars, during which, in addition to the triceps, the front deltas and the top of the chest are worked out;
  • bench press, but with a narrow grip.

Set of exercises for weight gain

Best weight gain exercises

It is known to be optimal power exercises for weight gain are just listed exercises with the study of certain muscles. All of them, of course, on a 5-point scale pull on a solid "4". However, among them there are those that you want to select, even with such an honorable list:

  • Deadlift. This exercise is considered the best for overall weight gain. However, in order to maximize the effect, a novice athlete must necessarily observe his correct technique of performing in multi-style.
  • Squats. This is the most difficult exercise for our body! During its execution, the body uses a huge array of muscles, including even the muscles of the face! That is why beginners are advised to start with squats, deadlift and bench press.
  • push-UPS on bars. One dips the mass is not building, but just they are best for triceps training. And for the effect produced by them be sure to put a solid "5"!

List of exercises in the gym for men to gain muscle

At the end of this article we present the 10 most effective exercises in the gym:

  1. bench Press with barbell.
  2. Press dumbbells standing.
  3. bench Press dumbbells.
  4. push-UPS on bars.
  5. Romanian deadlift.
  6. Lifts on socks standing up.
  7. Deadlift.
  8. Twisting.
  9. Exercise on a treadmill.
  10. Squats with barbell with narrow setting stop sign.

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