B17 vitamin: full description, functions, dosage, sources

B17 vitamin

Vitamin B 17 is a compound of two sugar molecules – benzaldehyde and cyanide. This substance is a water-soluble vitamin, which belongs to the b vitamins and is the second name – amygdalin. This vitamin – the only group B, which is not part of the yeast.

vitamin B17
The world of medical practice has given the substance of ambiguous and adverse reputation. For example, in the United States amygdalin today is prohibited for use due to toxic effects on the human body.

However, people who are fans of alternative medicine widely use vitamin B17 to create drugs to cure cancer. Active advertising campaign led to the fact that consumers believe that b17 vitamin is the only panacea against cancer, which has no analogues in the world of medicine. But, in essence, the benefits of this substance for the effective treatment of cancer is questionable from a medical point of view, because the results of all biochemical studies are not accurate and not confirmed until the end.

Medical Studies have been conducted in which it was found that any positive effect of vitamin B17 in the treatment of cancer is absent. And a person who, in addition to spending large sums of money and the lack of the desired effect after taking amygdalin for the purpose of cure cancer, may face a significant deterioration in health due to the toxic effects of the substance on the body.

Body Need

Scientists still have not come to a consensus about the optimal daily dose of amygdalin, nor about the feasibility of including the substance in the diet as a whole. Proponents of alternative medicine argue that this vitamin is effective in the fight against cancer and share information about the success of the substance. But official medical organizations do not subscribe to information about the healing power of amygdalin, moreover, they categorically prohibit any use of vitamin B17, because the compound is very toxic and able to lead a person to the hardest administration or deaths.

However, the Nutrition Almanac recommends eating 5 to 30 pieces apricot kernel per day, but not at one time to achieve the desired prophylactic dose.

Amygdalin functions

The whole effect of vitamin B17 is reduced to the supposed antitumor effect of taking the substance. Fans of alternative medicine as an argument cite the use of ancient civilizations of China and Egypt bitter almonds with a high content of amygdalin as a drug. They also claim that representatives of certain Asian peoples almost do not suffer from cancer, because they often eat amygdalin-containing fruits in large quantities. This fact serves as a basis for making assumptions: either the substance selectively affects cancer cells and stops the development of the disease at the earliest stage, or with an insufficient amount of substance in the body, a person is more prone to the appearance of a malignant tumor.

It is Believed that this compound has the property of being attracted to cancer cells that have beta-glucosidase, destroying them without damaging healthy tissue. In addition, fans of this vitamin talk about painkillers the properties of the substance, as well as the fact that it slows down the aging process and improves metabolism.

All these data differ from the results of scientific research.

Everyone should answer the question: do you believe or not believe the fans of "alternative medicine"? It is important to keep in mind the potential health risk of treatment with rejected by official medicine methods that can have a toxic effect on the human body. organism.

Where is contained?

B17 vitamin is found in bitter almonds, seeds of plums, cherries, peaches, apricots. The small amount of substance detected in the seeds of apples, Flaxseed, pears, in the leaves of the cherry Laurel, wild cherry, young shoots of mountain ash.

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