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Atomic diet involves the alternation of carbohydrate and protein days.

• One day vegetables + fruits: lean borscht, Lecho, salads, sauté,
• and the other – protein: fish, chicken, meat, cheese, yogurt.

All in the pure, i.e. proteins and vegetables not mix. For vegetables day – bored for proteins, for another day vegetables.


Exemplary menu atomic diets in days

Vegetable day drinking tea, it is better with ginger – accelerates metabolism, and in protein – suitable coffee with milk.

Time and the amount of food – are not important.

Do Not starve yourself, otherwise the body will begin to form fat literally from the air, do not eat basins, go to the plates...

There are only two rules of the atomic diet:

• Not eating three hours before bedtime.
• Exclude three products, that is, in the period of active weight loss about them completely forget, and prone to fullness – forget forever: sugar, flour and potato.

Exemplary menu atomic diets in days


• morning – coffee with milk ,2 eggs ,cheese(sausage, sausage, cottage cheese),
• day – chicken breast (without breading, or fish, or meat (and fried or baked – does not matter),
• evening – cheese, cheese, yogurt, fish (at night is better without the meat longer to digest).

Vegetable day:

• morning – salad, good olive oil, sautéed eggplant,
• day – vegetable soup or soup (potatoes replace with beans – mild), salad, Lecho, it is possible salinity (garlic, cucumbers, tomatoes),
• evening – salad, saute, Lecho taste
• between lunch and dinner – fruit, all juices, but fresh, grapes, bananas – in moderation, better than other fruits.

Vegetable days it's good to make raw salads, eggs, beets, pate beans (green), very useful and tasty vinaigrette without potatoes with beans, if the weight is very large, then instead of beans, boil the celery root (not the stems, namely the root), very tasty.

Diet results

During the first week of the diet you can lose 7-8 pounds!
Atomic diet helps everyone, because we consist of rhythm and of alternations, even the sport more efficient every day, and the next day, even tempering gives a lot more sense if it rhythmically.

And so alternate the rest of my life, the holidays can bring down the diet, but without potatoes, bread and sugar and eat plenty of meat, fish a couple of good pieces, soup plate normal, in any case do not starve, the body thinks that he is punished and begins to actively make reserves, nature cannot be deceived.

When you lose weight to the state of the grass (and it will), can fruit days include oatmeal with dried apricots, buckwheat, and even pasta, the weight will not increase, but, importantly, all separately, by days.

Forget that you are on a diet, you just eat differently and continue a normal busy life. Not on a diet, but in a different diet.
Call on skewers – excellent, eat kebabs (wine – you can ,but without sugar, that is dry and red better), enjoy your life, do not jump on the scales every minute, it's too much. Live fully, with joy – our body is created for joy and a full life .not for the wild debauchery and psycho-crazy diets.
Everything will come by itself: day after day, month after month.

If you want, and have the time to mess with it, the diet was even more effective, adjust the protein and vegetable days on group blood:

1 group:
useful: meat, fish, tomatoes, citrus.
poison – wheat, corn, beans, potatoes, eggplant.
Group 2:
useful: fish, chicken, dairy, vegetables
poison – any meat, milk in its pure form, citrus, bananas, sausages (not of vegetables : eggplant, peppers, tomatoes)
3 group:
useful: meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy
poison – chicken, tomatoes, radish, pumpkin, pomegranates, persimmon
4 group:
useful: rice, fish, vegetables, lemons, grapefruit, kiwi, chicken
poison: meat, buckwheat, corn, wheat, flounder.

Not included in the table products – neutral, they can be eaten in any blood group.

Sport and diet

The best sport for weight loss – walking, that is, re-the rhythmic movement. a little less effective – dancing.
Running is not desirable, especially with a decent excess weight.

The best part is the walk through the day. Fats begin to burn on a 45-minute walk, so it's worth taking a walk, -long hours-forty hours, that's enough.

Gymnastics, too – well, at least for stretching and strengthening muscles. Here age is also important, and it is necessary to remember that in menopause weight goes slower – this is a property of the female body, but still goes away.

Good simulator – do not use the Elevator. When I had a huge weight, the idea of a staircase without an Elevator was terrifying. Now all the stairs are friends, I try wherever they are, use it.

Review of the atomic diet:
The result of the diet is something like this: I started in October – the weight was 110 kg , now April – the weight of 72 kg, about this effect in friends who started and did not retreat.
And again, the weight goes evenly, but in spurts: there is a decline, then days five, six stand still, then abruptly leaves for five days, then again worth it.

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