As always stay on top: 5 simple life hacks

Every woman understands how difficult it is to always stay on top. After all, self-care often have to spend a huge amount of time and money.

Fortunately, there are interesting ideas that will help make your life easier. Next, consider what you can do for your beauty in 10 minutes!

1. Make your lips plump without injection

To make your lips plumper, apply any cosmetic oil (almond, peach, etc.) on them. etc.). Then gently massage them with a toothbrush for a minute and a half.

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You can Also make special lip scrubs from melted honey and sugar.

2. Get rid of split ends

Everyone knows that coconut oil can be used to moisturize the skin, but it is also a super remedy against split ends tips'.

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Simply apply oil to problem tips for 6-7 minutes before shampooing.

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On article! To keep your hair clean for a long time, you can use new life hack.

3. Make yourself fashionable matte nails

Nail Polish is very easy to make matte. For this you need nails to hold it over the steam.

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In the end you'll have a trendy matte nail Polish.

4. Solve the problem with then

Not always deodorant can 100% protect against the smell of sweat.

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Since the unpleasant smell appears due to the activity of bacteria, you can get rid of it with the help of an antiseptic applied to the skin of the armpits. As a natural antiseptic can be used black tea, lemon and Kombucha.

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5. Get rid of the bruises under the eyes

Add a teaspoon of soda to a glass of hot water. Drop cotton pad in this solution and apply to the area under the eyes. Wait 10 minutes and then rinse off the leftovers.

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This procedure is recommended every day.

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On article! Stress is a common cause of dark circles under the eyes. Calm the nervous system help exercises-antistress.

Use the above life hacks and you will always be on top!

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