As a well-known blogger Steven spring lost 18 kg after 50 years: a motivating story

Sometimes celebrities demonstrate miracles of weight loss and delight us. However, among the ordinary people are those whose example can inspire to fight against excess weight.

Journalist and blogger Steve spring lost 18 kg after 50 years, when the body is not so easy to change. From the variety of techniques, diets and courses he identified 3 proven advice that helped him achieve excellent results!

Try different diets for one month to find a suitable

Weight Loss is more dependent on nutrition. Steve recommend try different diets by month to choose a suitable one.

He began with the methods of the Whole30, which involves the rejection of sugar, milk and cereals. Then the journalist was carried away by interval fasting - it is possible to eat any food, but only in an eight-hour period of time, and other 16 hours a day it is necessary to starve. And finally, he experimented with a fashionable ketogenic diet, which involves reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet to a minimum.

Complete carbohydrate rejection can be very damaging to health! Find out what will happen to your body without carbohydrate food in just a month!

As a result, Steve came to the conclusion that diets with strict rules for him are not working. They help to lose weight for a short time, but they are harmful to health and psycho-emotional state.

Now a journalist adheres to the principles of healthy eating which have long become classics. It also complies with the drinking regime, as water plays an important role in the process of fat burning (for the splitting of one fat molecule requires 4 water molecules).

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Every day, walk 10K steps

Want to get rid of excess weight - provide yourself with physical activity. And not necessarily hours to exhaust themselves in the gym or run a marathon. It is enough to walk 10,000 steps a day.

Walking fast helps to accelerate metabolism, normalize blood glucose and lower blood pressure. In addition, physical activity acts as a light antidepressant.

It is not necessary to pass 10 thousand steps. Just try to move more than before. ?♀this?

Add strength exercises

If you just dieting and doing cardio (walking, running, jumping), you will begin to lose not only fat but also muscle mass. To avoid this, Steve recommends regular strength exercises (squats with a barbell, push-UPS, etc.). Several training sessions per week 30 minutes will be enough.

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You can Do strength exercises at home or in the gym. Steve chose the latter, as training with a coach helps to reduce the risk of injury and excellent discipline. He has no goal to become a Jock, but strength exercises help to keep fit.

It is Worth remembering that our body adapts to the proposed loads over time, so the results can go on the wane. To avoid this, gradually complicate your training and make them diversity.

Just 3 tips to help you lose weight and improve your health: proper nutrition, walking and strength exercises.?

Of Course Steve is not a nutritionist, doctor or fitness trainer. However, his advice is definitely worth attention, as have been tested in practice!

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