As a resident of Kursk dropped 50 kg: simple tips

This is now Elena, a resident of Kursk, has an attractive appearance and leads an active lifestyle. But it was not always: once a woman weighed 130 kg and any physical activity was a real test for her.

Many people who are overweight become depressed, thereby aggravating the situation. However, Elena was able to pull herself together and lose 50 kg!

Secrets weight loss

Elena currently has her own blog on instagram, where she shares her photos "before" and "after" the transformation, as well as the secrets of weight loss, which once helped her to lose weight. 

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10 major secrets:

1. Immediately after awakening drink a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon. This will help the body to finally Wake up and accelerate metabolism in the morning.

2. Never skip Breakfast, otherwise with a high probability you will eat in the evening.

3. Eat small portions but every 2-3 hours. Ideal food scheme: Breakfast – snack – lunch – snack – supper.

4. Eat after 18:00 is possible, but not 3-4 hours before bedtime.

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5. Eat any vegetables (except potatoes), any fruits (except banana and grapes) and any cereals (except white rice and semolinas.)

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6. it is Not recommended to eat fried, sweet, flour and fat. Also fall under the ban of various soft drinks and wheat flour. However, in limited quantities it is allowed to use dark chocolate and olive oil.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS to Lose 50 kg because of resentment at the guy: the real story of weight loss

7. chew your food well. The longer you chew, the more likely you are to feel full before overeating. Besides, it's good for digestion.

8. Exercise at least half an hour a day. Your exercise program must include yourself jumping and stretching.

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9. Buy products for a few days ahead strictly according to the list. Thus, you do not have to constantly go to the grocery store and tempt yourself with forbidden Goodies.

10. Once a month to arrange cicmil (the use of restricted products, e.g., sweets). This shake will be useful for the body.

Note! ☝ To save skin tone and accelerate weight loss, it is recommended to do home wraps.???

The Secrets of losing weight from a woman who managed to lose 50 kg of excess weight, just deserve attention, as they were tested in practice!

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