Apricot diet for weight loss, reviews, menu

Apricot dietApricots – a good option for unloading monodieta: their sweet taste and a large number of useful nutrients are combined with low calorie. If you need 1-3 days to lose 1-4 kg, apricot diet for you.

Apricot diet, menu

Abide By apricot a diet can be 1-3 days, all of this time let us eat apricot soup-puree:

To prepare to take a pound of apricots and 300 gr. dried apricot. From apricots squeeze the juice and dried apricots grind in a blender or finely cut. Then mix the juice and dried apricots, and you can add the remaining juice after cooking apricot puree.

Eat the resulting puree need for 3-4 reception during the day.

You can Drink drinking and mineral water, green tea in any amount.
Apricot juice should be always fresh, you can not use the juice from the store.

Do Not increase the daily the norm of products: dried apricots are quite high in calories, and the use of too many apricots for an unprepared body is fraught with intestinal disorder, manifestations of flatulence.

Repeat 3- ' s day a diet can be through month, apricot fasting day it is possible to arrange times a week.
Contraindicated apricot diet with diabetes. Do not sit on this diet if you have a tendency to disorders bowel, flatulence.

A Bit about the benefits apricots and dried apricots

Apricot Fruits with bright orange pulp contain a very large amount of beta-carotene (yellow-orange plant pigment – provitamin A), in varieties with pale pink flesh its content is less. dried Apricots (dried apricot fruit) is also rich in carotene.
• Beta-carotene is one of the powerful antioxidants that prevent aging.
• Vitamin A, which is converted into beta-carotene, activates the immune system, is necessary for the health of the skin, mucous membranes (including the digestive system, respiratory tract), the health of teeth and bones, is necessary for visual acuity.
It is worth considering that for absorption of beta-carotene fats are needed, so you can add to the diet 2-3 teaspoons of sour cream or a little olive oil.

Apricot fruits, both fresh and dried, contain a lot of potassium necessary for the heart and muscles. It is also important that the high potassium content is combined with a low sodium content, thanks to this apricots are very useful under hypertension.

In India these fruits of treat hypertension, prescribing sick cannabis on 8-20 apricots 3 times a day.

Apricots have a weak diuretic effect, so they are useful for people with kidney and cardiovascular diseases.

A Lot of apricots easily digestible iron, it is recommended to use under anemia.

Apricots are also rich in phosphorus and magnesium, which are necessary for the brain, improve metabolism, promote the process of absorption of food in the intestine.

Both fresh and dried the fruit and juice improves digestion, useful for constipation.
Fresh juice of apricots has antibacterial and antagnostic activity shown at low pH.

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