Apple diet for 10 days for weight loss, reviews, menu

Apple dietApple diet is great for rational and economical. In the season, fragrant fruits are worth a penny, well, you can lose weight on them no worse than with professional cocktails to reduce weight. Why? Just apples contain natural fruit pectin – a substance that in combination with the liquid is able to increase in volume and fill the stomach. Well, when this body full diet easier to sustain, because you will not experience seizures hunger's.

Apple diet is designed for 10 days.

  • the Result is the Apple diet – minus 5-10 pounds, depending on body type and its own weight.

Pros Apple diets:

  • inexpensive products available to all,
  • teaches correct fractional power,
  • suitable for those who have not yet been able to make friends with sports,
  • Apple diet perfectly relieves from the visible manifestations of cellulite and relieves swelling.

Cons of Apple diet:

  • not suitable for a fitness lover, as it contains little protein,
  • with too long use may cause a slowdown in metabolism,
  • not recommended for people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys.

Apple diet for 10 days, menu

First, third, fifth, seventh and ninth days:

1, 5 kg of fresh or baked apples, a glass of kefir before going to bed.

Second, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth days of diet:

Breakfast: 200 g cottage cheese, half baked Apple with cinnamon;
Second Breakfast: a glass of kefir;
Lunch: chicken breast, stewed with apples;
Snack: juicy fresh Apple;
Dinner: 250 grams of squid, shrimp or sea bass.

In Addition, physical activity is recommended every day. Since the diet is poor in protein, go to the gym or do at home with weights and dumbbells is not necessary, judging by the reviews of the thinner, so you will only provoke fatigue and breakdown. It's better perform yoga complexes, Pilates, bodyflex or steak. As a fat burning workout, you can use normal walking. Early in the morning, before Breakfast, wear a suit and sneakers, and go outside. Walk in the nearest Park for 30 minutes, eat apples and the result will be even brighter.

Weight loss Reviews indicate that the Apple diet for 10 days is very effective, but after it, try not to abuse the calorie food. Well,reduce increased appetite a simple recipe will help – one juicy green Apple and one glass of water before each meal.

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