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What is appetite? Friend or enemy he our health and slim figure?
As science says,

In the cortex of the cerebral hemispheres is the so-called food center, which is excited by impulses: a decrease in the concentration of glucose (sugar) in the blood, emptying the stomach.

Excitation of this center we perceive as appetite, that is, the body sends a signal that would not be bad recover strength.

But is our friend always hungry?

The Process of digestion and absorption of food lasts 15-20 minutes. And the food center all this time continues to give a signal of hunger. And in this case it is impossible to hope for signals of an organism, it is necessary to watch quantity and caloric content of food.

However, if there is correctly: good to chew and enjoy, "feel" every piece of food, the feeling of satiety will come faster.

Hatha yoga recommends chewing food at least 40 times. The yogis say, "you Need to drink to chew solid food and liquid."

In Addition, if you do not chew the food, the body needs to spend more energy to assimilate it, it does not receive useful substances, food is delayed in the stomach and intestines, and this leads to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The Main rule of eating is to sit down at the table in a good mood,
Irritation, excitement you will not notice as you swallowed all that was in the bowl and ate. Of course, no thorough chewing is out of the question.

    To Drink after a meal only an hour later. During a meal should not drink because drinking will hurt the stomach to process food.
How should a person eat?
  • Traditional medicine and dietetics recommends 3-5 meals a day, including 3 "dense" meals, taking into account the amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  • Their opponents say that 3 meals a day is the result of the growth of well-being, as well as the desire to get physical and psychological pleasure from food

In ancient times the army of Greeks and Romans, she ate once a day.
For more than a thousand years, one-time meals in the evening at the end of the day's work was the norm for the people living on the Mediterranean coast.

Now some nutritionists believe that excess food creates a constant overload of the body, as a result, it ages faster. They offer to skip Breakfast or eat raw vegetables or fruits, lunch – the main meal, and for dinner limited to vegetarian food.

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