Anti-cellulite vacuum massage in house conditions, contraindications For weight loss

Vacuum massage at homeVacuum massage at home can be a great alternative to salon treatments for the body. There are many advantages of such care – first of all, you will save money by purchasing banks or a device. After all, the course of such procedures in the cabin is from 500 USD on average. And to repeat it, if there is a propensity for cellulite or weight gain, will have a once in a half a year.


1. Will the vacuum massage get rid of cellulite?
2. Vacuum massage for weight loss
3. Cupping massage of the abdomen
4. How to make a vacuum anti-cellulite massage
5. Contraindications

In addition, vacuum treatments are excellent for recovery of muscle tissue after training, strengthen connective tissue, improve blood circulation and slow down the aging process. All this makes banks or a special vacuum massager indispensable in the home beauty salon.

You Save vacuum massage cellulite?

Cellulite is a change in subcutaneous fat. The main aesthetic problem the fact is that it is extremely difficult to restore its structure to normal with the help of a single procedure.

    Usually cosmetologists advise to burn fat and at the same time to get rid of excess intercellular fluid.

Anti-Cellulite vacuum massager is able to solve the second problem "five", and help to deal with the first.

    Removal of excess fluid is possible if pressure is applied to the skin with appropriate force. The massager captures the fabric and exposes it to vacuum. As a result, "water" is literally squeezed out of the tissue, and can leave the body naturally. To achieve a lasting effect enough 10-15 sessions held every other day.

Before you do a vacuum massage from cellulite using the device or cans, you should warm up the body. Massage the problem areas with your hands for 5-10 minutes. You can use any non-allergic oil for massage. But to apply means with extracts of Cayenne pepper or grapefruit is not necessary. In combination with the subsequent "vacuum" such aggressive means can cause skin irritation.

Do Not exceed the exposure time of vacuum massage jars – treatment of one problem area at home should not take more than 10 minutes.

Treatments are best done every other day, alternating with salt baths or sauna.

Vacuum massage for weight loss

Vacuum massage for weight loss – concomitant in the weight loss program. It is recommended to anyone who needs to remove more than 5 kg of excess weight. The fact that the "vacuum" perfectly stimulates blood circulation.

This helps to solve two problems – to speed up muscle recovery after training, and to ensure timely removal of the "decay products" of the fat cell. In addition, a good blood circulation and mechanical action provide skin tightening, which is important for rapid weight loss.

However, independent value in the process of fat burning, the use of vacuum jars for massage, does not have, and only works in combination with diet and exercise.

Experts recommend a course of 10-15 procedures. Massage problem areas should be every other day, alternating massage with salt baths or baths with a decoction of thistles, or visit saunas.

Elasticity of the skin enhances bath with Thistle. Grass tatarnika (300 g) crushed, pour boiling water (2.5 l), bring to a boil and insist 40 minutes. The infusion is filtered and poured into the bath.

Before starting the procedure, take a contrast shower for 10-12 minutes to prepare the vessels for the load. Then 5 minutes should be spent on pre-hand-massage-warm-up, using a circular motion.

And only after this goes directly to the vacuum massage. It is necessary to carry out it after training or in the evening, after the session the muscles and skin should have time to recover.

Cupping massage belly

Vacuum belly massage is aimed at reducing body fat, skin tightening and drainage. At home they often do massage vacuum banks, it belly, as for hardware massage of the zone need a special attachment. You need to buy in the pharmacy silicone "Bank" for massage and special oil.

    It would be Better if you stop at sesame or apricot kernel oil. However can be apply and usual olive.

The Edge of the jar is lubricated with oil, then it is "sucked" to the skin in the stomach area and gently move clockwise to the lower abdomen and up. Need to go 3-4 round, "tighten" the pleasure is not worth it. After the "circles" are passed, massage the abdomen with circular movements of the hands or use the roller to massage the abdomen. This will help to compensate for the vacuum effect and avoid "delay "skins.

How to make a vacuum anti-cellulite massage

Correctly to do vacuum massage is not difficult, and importantly, not so long, as manual. However, both before the hardware and before the cupping massage is shown contrast shower. This is necessary to prepare the vessels for exposure. This "pre-treatment" will reduce the likelihood of microtrauma, bruises. To begin, massage the body jets of water from the feet to the shoulders for 10-12 minutes, changing the temperature every 30 seconds. Then Pat the skin with a towel and immediately proceed to massage the problem areas with your hands.

The Purpose of the second stage is to warm up and prepare the skin. Use a mild oil or creams to massage (not for weight loss!) and the technique of circular movements. "Go," so each leg from ankle to buttocks and a little belly massage.

vacuum Technology massage

Cupping or hardware massage is carried out in the direction of lymph flow, that is, from the ankles up and clockwise in the abdominal area. It is not necessary to act on one band (one thigh, for example) over 10 minutes.

At the end of the massage with vacuum jars, you can use a cream for weight loss or make a wrap, if the skin normally accepts additional funds. However, try to avoid cosmetics with pepper, ginger and citrus oils.

Vacuum massage at homecellulite Vacuum massage: reviews

To learn in detail how to perform anti-cellulite massage banks, watch the video story.


Contraindications vacuum massage is not so much.

  • Above all, to abandon it is worth, if you have sensitive skin or propensity to emergence bruises. Confine yourself to a contrast shower and light hand massage.
  • do Not perform vacuum anti-cellulite massage during pregnancy, as well as in the first 6 weeks after birth. Then you should carefully proceed to the procedures, focusing on health.
  • Colds, flu, as well as exacerbations of chronic diseases are also contraindications to the procedure.
  • in Addition, to refrain from massage is hypertension, ischemia and some gynecological inflammation. In any case, pre-consultation is mandatory.

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