Anti-cellulite scrubs at home

Anti-cellulite scrubs at homeCellulite is an unpleasant cosmetic defect that can poison the life of any woman. And indeed, bumpy, like an orange peel, the skin of the thighs, arms or abdomen makes you experience complexes, choose a more closed and shapeless clothes. Do not think that this disease occurs only in fat women.

Lipodystrophy, that's what doctors call cellulite, can occur even in very slender girls, because its occurrence it is associated with impaired microcirculation and lymph outflow in adipose tissue. Cells strongly absorb fat and toxins, and decay products can not be properly excreted. The result is an uneven surface of the skin.

Cellulite can and should be combated comprehensively. You should start with the transition to a healthy diet. The diet should contain vegetables and fruits, vegetable cellulose. But from sweet, flour, fat and smoked it is better to give up.

Physical outdoor activity will help improve blood circulation. One of the necessary conditions for competent skin care are regular beauty treatments, most of which can be carried out at home. Today we will tell you why you need anti-cellulite scrubs and how to cook them at home.

How does home anti-cellulite scrub work?

Than same can help scrub? It consists of the smallest abrasive particles that can remove from the surface of the skin dead particles and deeply ingrained dirt. In addition, solid inclusions carry out micro-massage, improves blood circulation, the skin is more actively saturated with oxygen and nutrients substances, improves lymphatic outflow.

Another component of the scrub – active anti-cellulite substances, for example, extracts of herbs and algae, essential oils. They contribute to the disintegration of fat, elimination of toxins. As a result of the use of anti-cellulite scrub, the skin becomes softer and smoother, the manifestations of lumpiness are reduced. In addition, the skin is ready for the next stage of care, it will actively absorb a special therapeutic cream.

Anti-Cellulite coffee scrub

The Most affordable and effective cellulite treatment is coffee. Caffeine is able to increase blood circulation, it helps to eliminate excess fluid. Essential oils contained in coffee actively split fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Antioxidants help to get rid of toxins.

Coffee procedures have one more positive property: pleasant and tasty aroma of coffee invigorates, helps to get rid of negative thoughts and to be adjusted on a positive harmony. To prepare a scrub of coffee at home, take a couple of spoons of ground coffee or coffee grounds, add shower gel and massage this mixture qualitatively problem areas. To provide additional nourishment to the skin, replace the gel with sour cream or natural yogurt.

Hot anti-cellulite scrub based on coffee allows you to steam the skin, saturate it with nutrients. Take ground coffee beans and add to them 25 ml. pharmacy tincture of red pepper, as well as a little olive oil. Let the mixture infuse. Remember that hot scrubs should be applied with caution to prevent severe burning, do not leave for a long time.

Anti-Cellulite scrub of Mr salt

Sea salt contains a huge amount of trace elements: magnesium, calcium, iron, iodine. They help to make the skin softer and firmer, to rid it of irregularities. To prepare the scrub is better to use dead sea salt, to which you need to add olive oil and a mixture of essential oils. To combat cellulite is best suited grapefruit oil, lavender, cinnamon, juniper, bergamot, lavender.

Essential oils should be handled very well carefully, add no more than 1-2 drops, otherwise you can get irritation or allergic reaction. To anti-cellulite scrub was more effective salt can be mixed with ground coffee and dilute with olive oil. Feedback on this procedure is only positive.

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