Anti-cellulite products: a review of cosmetic products

Anti-cellulite products: a review of cosmetic productsPerfect look – a cherished dream of any woman regardless of her age. But caring for your own face, do not forget about the body, otherwise in the spring and summer you will be ashamed to wear a swimsuit and a mini skirt. For many, the cause of the disorder is cellulite, but do not worry, because with regular and competent care you can get rid of it. Today we will talk about those cosmetic products that are designed to help get a smooth and elastic skin.

What is cellulite?

Let's Try to understand what is cellulite, what are the causes of its occurrence and what means to cope with this scourge. Cellulite is a pathology occurrence of the subcutaneous fat layer, in which microcirculation is disturbed, i.e. lymphatic outflow. The result is a bumpy skin surface resembling an orange peel.

The causes of the problem include hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, poor diet, lack of physical activity. To make the skin elastic again, smooth and elastic, it is necessary to change the attitude to yourself, to your lifestyle, diet, sleep and rest. Not the last place should take up sports, it is better if it will be walking or Jogging in the fresh air. Home beauty treatments will help to consolidate the result.


One of the most effective cosmetics for cellulite is a scrub. It helps to remove dead skin cells, makes it softer and smoother. Hard abrasive particles carry out micro-massage, improve blood flow to the skin, stimulate grafting lymph flow. Special the substances prepare the skin for the effects of special creams and lotions.

What same should be scrub? First, as natural as possible. Effective and harmless anti-cellulite substances are essential oils, such as eucalyptus, juniper, bergamot, rosemary, etc. Ideal abrasive components are considered coffee, sea salt, sugar, ground peach or apricot bones, because they significantly improve blood circulation, normalize skin color.


The Next stage of care – the application of anti-cellulite cream. Active substances in its composition are plant extracts, seaweed. They improve metabolism, help to get rid of toxins and toxins'. A high-quality cream should also contain essential oils that promote fat splitting and deep drainage, as well as a vitamin complex.

Vitamins A, B, C, E promote cell regeneration, production of hyaluronic acid. Well-deserved popular products such as: Cellulilazer Bioterm, Shiseido Body Creator, Liporeducer Galenic. Cheaper, but no less effective means: cream from the series "Fitness", "anti-Cellulite chocolate", cream with massage nozzle Garnier. Remember that the application of any cream should be accompanied by a massage.

Gels and thermogels

Periodically in the fight with cellulite can be use thermogels, to do wraps. The composition of special gels and thermogels includes special heating agents. As a rule, it is a tincture of pepper, camphor, etc. the blood Circulation of the skin improves, it begins to be more actively supplied with oxygen and nutrients. The application of warmed skin anti-cellulite creams becomes more effective. Thermogels are used in courses of 10-15 procedures, and sometimes used as a wrap.

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