Anti-cellulite massage banks – an effective way to eliminate orange peel

"Orange peel" – a problem faced by many women, and not only a dense complexion. Skinny girls also often suffer from cellulite. Help the fair sex can anti-cellulite massage banks.

How to do anti-cellulite massage jars?

Not everyone has an opportunity to Visit beauty salons and massage rooms. What should women do in this case? Salvation will be anti-cellulite massage vacuum jar, which can be easily done at home.

Cellulite is fat formations, coated, which does not the possibility of these deposits to split, because no sports or diet in the fight against them will not help. But vacuum banks for anti-cellulite massage will allow you to forget about this problem.

So, as to do anti-cellulite massage banks? First you need to properly prepare for the procedure – RUB with a sponge, treat the skin with a scrub and massage oil. After that, you can start the procedure.

Anti-Cellulite massage with jar is not chaotic movements, and on special massage lines. You can start with any part of the body, but you need to know that the inner surface of the thighs, chest, lower back and spine can not be touched.

Anti-Cellulite massage miracle jar on the feet to be done bottom to top, starting at the knee. The duration of the procedure is approximately 45 minutes. The buttocks are massaged for 10 minutes in a circular motion, and up and down for 5 minutes. Anti-cellulite massage banks on the stomach is done about 10 minutes in a circular motion, then – 5 minutes to the sides of the navel. Hands massaging should direct the movements of the hands to the shoulders approximately 10 minutes. You can also see how to do anti-cellulite massage jar video on the Internet. Here is a very a lot of such clips.

Anti-cellulite massage jars

Anti-Cellulite massage jars, photos and videos of the process which can be found on the Internet, may differ in different types of cans. Banks for anti-cellulite massage are silicone and rubber. It is best, of course, to do anti-cellulite massage silicone jars, as they retain their shape even after prolonged use.

Different banks also and diameter, which makes it possible to choose a kit that will be needed for massage on different problem areas of the body.

Reviews about anti-cellulite massage

Anti-Cellulite massage with vacuum banks leaves only positive feedback. Especially often it is praised, as already mentioned, it is those women who for some reason just no time to leave the house once again. For example, young mothers at any moment can afford to make anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen banks, thereby maintaining an elastic tummy even after childbirth. Legs, arms and buttocks will also always be in shape. Therefore, anti-cellulite massage banks negative reviews leave just can not.

However, anti-cellulite massage with jars, the instruction to which was described above, can not be done for everyone. Anti-cellulite massage banks has contraindications, which include:

  • allergic reactions;
  • high pressure;
  • many moles;
  • pregnancy period;
  • varicose veins;
  • infectious diseases.

Well, if these problems do not exist – you can safely proceed to the massage!

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