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Make anti-cellulite cream at home is quite real. Moreover, sometimes these creams are not inferior in efficiency to factory samples. It's all about natural concentrated ingredients. If you want to prepare the cream with your own hands – stock up on essential oils, any quality moisturizing body milk, liquid coffee extract and patience, because to prepare each portion of homemade cream will have immediately before use.

    And don't forget to do an Allergy test – apply a little bit of essential oils on the bend of the elbow and do not rinse for 12 hours. If redness, itching, and the itching does not manifest – use the oil for homemade cream of cellulite.

The article contains the recipe of home anti-cellulite cream, as well as massage oil and anti-cellulite gels, which are easy to prepare yourself at home conditions.

Home anti-cellulite cream with essential oils

This home-made cellulite cream will help significantly improve blood circulation in problem areas and get rid of swelling.

  • One portion of cellulite cream should take 30 ml of any moisturizing body milk that does not contain paraffins and 2-3 drops of juniper essential oil.
  • the Ingredients should be mixed in a ceramic bowl, you can add one drop of Cayenne pepper oil if you want to get warming effect or a teaspoon of coffee or guarana extract.
  • Your task is to blend to a smooth consistency.

After that, take a small portion of the cream in your hands and warm it in the palms, and only then begin to massage the problem areas.

Against expressed cellulite helps similar recipe with grapefruit oil or bitter orange. Remember that you should spend at least 10 minutes to massage one problem area, gradually moving from smooth movements to more active.

Anti-Cellulite massage oil at home

You can prepare special anti-cellulite massage oil. Apply it should be in the evening, especially well it works in combination with the so-called bath slimming or simple baths with sea salt.

    Take 200 ml of cold pressed sesame oil, 2 drops of ylang ylang essential oil and patchouli, 1 drop of juniper oil and 4 drops of rose oil. Mix all ingredients in a glass bottle.

Start the massage from the ankles and move to the waist line in a circular motion. It is very important to massage the body until the sesame oil is completely absorbed into the skin, the only way you can be sure that the desired effect is obtained. It is possible to use recipes on the basis of sesame oil constantly. In addition to anti-cellulite properties, this tool promotes the regeneration of the skin covers'.

Anti-Cellulite gels with their hands

Anti-Cellulite gels can also be prepared at home, especially good honey and pink gels against cellulite. Remember that this home cosmetics best stored in the refrigerator a sealed glass container and before use to warm hands.

Honey gel against cellulite

1 teaspoon of liquid honey, 50 grams of glycerin, 3 g of boric acid and gelatin and 30 g of rose water. Pink water slightly warm up, add gelatin, stir until dissolved, add boric acid, glycerin and liquid honey. All mix well, insist 5 hours before the first use.

It is good if in this recipe instead of gelatin you use agar-agar. Natural seaweed extract has a gelling effect and strengthens the skin. In the above recipe will be enough dessert spoon diluted with warm water agar.

Ginger gel from cellulite

Ingredients are the same, only instead of rose water natural take strong filtered coffee instead of a teaspoon of honey 4 drops essential oil of ginger.

Similarly prepare anti-cellulite gel with any other essential oils.

Home anti-cellulite gels should be applied in the evening, on the skin, heated in the bath or shower, massage until completely absorbed. Massage with them takes more time than with factory products, so they are not suitable for morning use.


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