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anti-aging nutritionWe are what we eat. This simple truth is known to all, but not many people think that small changes in the daily diet will be the key to health and youth. Put into practice the principles of proper nutrition, and you will notice in a few months that you look younger and feel cheerful and fresh.

Anti-Aging food: vegetables and fruits

Every day eat vegetables and fruits not less than 0.5-1kg. Choose different kinds of fruits and vegetables, it is better if the menu will be multi-colored. Every day you need to eat a large portion of salad.

• Vegetables and fruits contain a large amount of vegetable fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. All these substances help to slow down the aging process and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases. diseases'.

Anti-Aging food: berries and nuts

Drink A glass of berry smoothie daily (very useful cocktails with kefir) or simply eat berries. Berries also contain a large amount of vitamins and antioxidants.

• Consumption of berries has a positive effect on metabolism, effectively helps the body to get rid of toxins.

Eat small handful nuts. Nuts contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, as well as fats in a favorable ratio for absorption by the body. In addition, nuts contain antioxidants and other bioactive substances useful for health.

• Regular consumption of nuts can be an effective prevention of atherosclerosis. The effect will be stronger if you do not add nuts to the usual diet, and partially replace their meat dishes.

Anti-Aging food: the right carbs

Try to eat more unprocessed grains. Discard the white bread, polished rice and cereals of quick cooking. It is much more useful to eat black bread, brown rice, pasta from durum wheat varieties and oatmeal.

• the Complex carbohydrates contained in these products provide the body with energy for a long time, maintaining a constant level of sugar in the blood.

Eat less sweet. Completely deny yourself the sweet is not necessary, it is a source of good mood. Limit its number. And eat the healthiest. For example, a piece bitter chocolate, which is rich in flavonoids – powerful antioxidants. Marmalade or marshmallows. But it is best to replace foods containing refined sugar to dried fruits, honey, sweet fruits, in small quantities from these products will only use.

• Eating foods that contain sugar in large quantities causes a sharp jump in blood sugar, which leads to an overload of the pancreas, and this can cause diabetes. In addition, excessive consumption of high-calorie sweet foods inevitably leads to a set of extra pounds.

Anti-Aging food: protein

Protein is a necessary element for normal muscle growth and function (do not forget that the heart – also a muscle!). Eat at least 150 grams of protein - rich foods per day. This is primarily low-fat poultry, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese and cheese, beans. The need for protein increases if you exercise a lot

Eat seafood. At least a couple of times a week include in the diet fish and seafood. Do not limit yourself to one variety of fish, try different ones.

• Seafood and fish are especially useful in their unsaturated fatty acids, which are recommended to be included in your diet with high cholesterol, they have a positive effect on the condition of blood vessels, rejuvenate them, and hence the whole body as a whole.
• Replace red meat of pork, beef, lamb with fish more often. It is believed that the constant consumption of meat in large quantities increases the risk of cancer.

Reduce the consumption of sausages and ready-made meat pates. Such products often contain a huge amount of preservatives, salt and flavor enhancers.
• All this chemistry adversely affects the body: preservatives are considered potential carcinogens, and high salt content provokes pressure surges.

Anti-Aging food: dairy products

• Milk and dairy products are an excellent source of easily digestible protein.

Restrict yourself to the consumption of butter. To prepare salads, use olive oil or rapeseed oil, for frying – any refined vegetable oil.

• Vegetable oil does not contain cholesterol, excess of which can cause atherosclerosis.

Anti-Aging food: what drink?

Drink white or green tea. At least two cups a day. This drink contains a large number of catechins, antioxidants, which normalize blood pressure and improve blood supply to organs. Black tea also contains these substances, but in smaller quantities.

• Take note: it is more effective to drink tea with lemon.

Drink plenty of fluids. On the day the body should get every 450 grams of weight not less than 14 grams water.

• it is Best to drink water, fruit drinks, dried fruit compotes. A large amount of tea and coffee only dehydrate the body. Before going to bed, it is useful as a relaxing means to drink a Cup of chamomile tea.

If you have no contraindications, it is useful to drink a glass of beer or half a glass of dry wine. But no more. Moderate alcohol consumption in middle-aged people reduces the risk of development cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Do Not neglect food additives.

• Calcium and vitamin D are essential elements when it comes to combating age-related changes in the body. Vitamin D is essential for vascular health, calcium – for the prevention of osteoporosis.

• If in your diet there is no or little fish, drink fish oil – source of omega-3 fatty acids. They are necessary for the health of the heart and blood vessels. Besides moreover in fish oil many vitamins A and D.
• Or drink a tablespoon of cold-pressed linseed oil every day. Better buy it at the pharmacy. Linseed oil is also a source of unsaturated fatty acids.

• If you have problems with the intestine, periodically take drugs with bifidobacteria (for example, Linex). As you know, bifidobacteria contribute to the normalization of the intestine, cleanse the body, reduce the risk dysbiosis.

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