Anorexia nervosa: symptoms, treatment, causes of anorexia

anorexiaTo adhere to certain rules in the diet is necessary not only to maintain good shape but also for health. However, don't always get them (rules) to follow, reasons and excuses are many. Wand-lifesaver in such a situation - a diet that helps not only to lose weight, but also disciplines and "directs" in the right direction our diet. But if the hard diet become the norm, the development of anorexia - eating disorders a behavior that is characterized by a large loss of body weight due to refusal of food.

Patients with anorexia, and recently it is mostly girls from 15 to 19 years and young women up to 25, refuse to eat in fear of gaining, in their opinion, excess weight. When you do this, assess your physique, these patients are not able to - they're prisoners of his never letting go of the fear of being "fat".

Causes of anorexia

The Constant restriction of themselves in the diet in the form of the most stringent diets is provoked by many factors: from a huge desire to be like a super-model from the podium to a variety of different negative psychological moments in life (someone said that fat; the cause of anorexia can be and problems with the opposite sex or in the family, when fasting becomes an effective means of influence).

To anorexia can lead: not the right fasting, constant gastric lavage or provoking vomiting after each meal, as well as excessive, uncontrolled and non-systemic exercise.

Patients with anorexia nervosa can be divided by type of behavior into two groups:

  • those who do not eat much, but still provokes vomiting, the so-called restrictive type of behavior;
  • those who eat a lot (eat too much), and then provokes vomiting (can abuse laxatives, enemas and diuretics) - this is the so-called cleansing type.

Symptoms of anorexia

Symptoms characteristic of anorexia patients:

  • in Addition to the physical condition, patients with anorexia have a mental disorder, there are depression and excessive nervousness.
  • the Victim of anorexia does not want to maintain the weight that best suits her height and age, as well as the Constitution.
  • There is a constant fear of getting better.
  • the Inability to objectively assess the weight and to correlate it with growth factors and the Constitution leads to the denial of the seriousness of the physical and mental state.
  • In patients with anorexia women menstrual cycle is disturbed, up to amenorrhea (lack of menstruation).

Anorexia, pale unhealthy skin, irritability, a constant feeling of cold, muscle cramps, and heart arrhythmia.

the First signs of anorexia in a teenager, which should alert parents:

  • Incessant weight loss,
  • Refusal of food is a teenager confined to tiny portions of food, moving to one meal a day, refuses most foods,
  • Distorted perception of own looks,
  • Depression, antisocial behavior,
  • Insomnia, feelings of guilt during meals, attempts artificially induce vomiting.

Anorexia Treatment

There is no Universal or absolutely effective medicine that helps to cope with anorexia, so it is difficult to cure the disease. At the slightest suspicion it is necessary to urgently contact doctors: dietitian and psychiatrist - the earlier treatment is started, the more chances for full recovery.

In the treatment of anorexia are used as General-purpose drugs, and special: antidepressants, tranquilizers, hormones.

  • Antidepressants eliminate the symptoms of depression.
  • Tranquilizers help overcome anxiety.
  • Can be assigned and hormone therapy if anorexia is provoking a state close to menopause. Estrogen is needed to replenish minerals in the bones to prevent cracking.

Anorexia nervosa is a complex a difficult disease to fight which could take years. Among psychological diseases, anorexia has the highest mortality rate. If you have the first symptoms, you need to act without delay, without qualified medical care, the disease can not be overcome.

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