Anorexia: 10 photos before and after

Uncontrolled weight loss results in anorexia. In pursuit of beauty, some women sit on exhausting diets, swallow, wash the stomach after eating, cause vomiting. The desire to lose weight becomes an obsession, and even when the dream came true, it is impossible to stop. At the heart of the disease called anorexia is a neuropsychiatric disorder. As a result of severe weight loss, the body is depleted, violated vital processes, and if time does not help a person, he dies. Look like people who have anorexia, the photo shows more than clearly.

Note! Anorexia is a dangerous disease, which kills about 20% of the total number of patients. Natural death occurs as a result of the development of heart failure. Another cause of death in anorexia – suicide.

What is anorexia?

Under understand anorexia is a disease that the appetite is almost entirely absent. Feed forcibly sick is not always possible, despite the fact that their body is experiencing a serious lack of nutrients. The disease is associated with mental disorders, so an effective method of treatment today is psychotherapy.

Less Often anorexia develops unconsciously, against the background of other diseases. For example, in the presence of cancer, intoxication, schizophrenia.

Anorexia nervosa: before and after photos

In the photo you can see what anorexic patients look like. The difference before and after is obvious.

Anorexia affects not only women but also men that can be clearly seen in the photo.

Types of anorexia

Known types of anorexia:

  • primary – lack of appetite for certain causes, under the influence of diseases;
  • mental – refusal from food stems with mental disorders;
  • mental painful – the patient in the waking state does not feel hunger, and in a dream sometimes there is an urgent need for eating;
  • medicinal – intentional or unconscious loss of hunger (through the treatment of diseases with medicinal preparations).

With the development of anorexia metabolic disorders, as well as other negative consequences.

Note! According to statistics, mostly girls suffer from anorexia, which is proved by numerous photos. Among them many teenagers, and also meet children.

There Are many celebrities who have brought themselves to anorexia, trying to bring their bodies closer to the standards of beauty. Often this disease occurs among girls involved in the model business.

Note! Today anorexia and bulimia is a scourge of modern models. These diseases have much in common, but at the same time, differ from each other. With anorexia, appetite is completely absent, and with bulemia the period of hunger alternates with uncontrolled eating food, after which the patient becomes ashamed, and he seeks in all possible ways to remove food from the stomach.

As addicts and alcoholics, people with anorexia do not consider themselves sick, which negatively affects the success of treatment. They do not agree to take drugs, refuse to help and stop any conversations related to the disease. Moreover, some patients continue to consider themselves complete and they try to lose weight by all means.

Girl with anorexia are constantly looking at myself in the mirror, measure the waist and tries to get rid of the "excess" weight.

Symptoms of anorexia

First of all, the symptom of anorexia is manifested by eating behavior:

  • fear of excess weight, which turns into phobia;
  • obsessions that are related to food, constant counting calorie foods;
  • constant thoughts about weight loss, despite the lack of weight;
  • thorough chewing, grinding food;
  • discomfort after a meal, arising on a psychological level.

Anorexia, there are other signs:

  • increased irritability;
  • the desire to lead an active lifestyle, to load themselves with unbearable physical exercises;
  • aggressiveness;
  • choose baggy clothes that supposedly hide an imaginary body mass;
  • privacy, avoidance of society.

People with anorexia are prone to depression, which is directly related to the lack of valuable components in the body. They are dissatisfied with their appearance not because they are a skeleton covered with skin, but due to false excess weight. People with anorexia have trouble sleeping. In heavy in cases where body weight becomes critical, the patient stops getting out of bed, because weakness does not allow to stay upright.

Define anorexia can be in appearance and the following physical characteristics:

  • weight below norms on 30% and more;
  • dizziness, weakness, fainting;
  • a soft gun body;
  • constant feeling of cold in the due to the lack of fat and impaired blood circulation.

With anorexia, sexual activity is reduced, and with further progression of the disease, interest in the opposite sex disappears altogether. In women, the menstrual cycle is disrupted, anovulation and amenorrhea occurs.

Specificity of anorexia in children and men

Most Often anorexia develops in women, because they tend to manic desire to lose weight. However, men and even children are sometimes exposed to the disease. However, for anorexia, they have different.

If the child for a long time refuses food, lost a lot of weight, parents need to urgently send it for examination to the hospital until the child's body has not begun irreversible processes. Be sure to visit a psychologist. With timely treatment to the doctor, the prognosis is favorable.

In men, the course of anorexia is similar to manifestation of disease in children. As a rule, they have an eating disorder associated with a special physiological condition. Men do not tend to be critical of their appearance and the presence of excess weight does not scare them as much as women.

Note! According to statistics, among men with anorexia, about half are schizophrenicknames, and 25% of different sexual orientation. The last type of men just as the state of mind is close to women.

The Mechanism of disease development in children differs from adults. In a child, it manifests itself in the form of a somatogenic disorder and proceeds against the background of other ailments. Moreover, it is not necessarily a serious disease. Anorexia can cause a simple yeast infection, intestinal worms, allergic reactions, and so on. Disease affects children of different ages, though they found it quite rarely.

Video: what is anorexia and how does it manifest?

Don't underestimate anorexia. This is a serious disease, which may well end in death, if you do not pay attention to it. A person with anorexia dries in front of his eyes, loses strength and slowly dies. Therefore, it is important to timely notice the onset of the disease and take all possible measures to treat it.

In the video tell the real story about anorexias.

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