Anna Sedokova admitted unequal struggle with cellulite: photo

36-year-old Anna Sedokova admitted that she is not satisfied with her own body. The actress is worried about cellulite, which appeared after the birth of her third child.

"I have recovered, and if my volumes and my weight suits me, it is quite treacherous on my feet there was this stupid cellulite. Yes, I wrote that word. And it was difficult for me now," the ex-soloist shared her thoughts the group "VIA Gra". 

According to Anna, because of the complexes about the "orange peel" she had to give up mini-skirts, although in the past she always wore them. The artist decided that more can not continue and announced the cellulite battle. She turned to specialists who gave her some useful advice.

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Yesterday on the evening, me wrote one very cool girl and super artist ❤ my butt with the words "Fuck you. Don't read what they say ! You have the figure of my dream." I, of course, almost burst into tears of happiness. And for 15 years has been reading, but approaching the mirror , I almost burst into tears again. After the birth of the third child, I recovered and if my volumes and my weight suit me, then absolutely treacherous on my feet there was this idiotic cellulite. Yes, I wrote that word. And it was difficult for me now. As if to say Yes, I'm Anna Sedokova and I alcoholic )) I remember a couple of years ago, my ex-husband, wrote to me – "Anya what's wrong with you , look at yourself." Mini I do not wear for a long time, because I'm shy, but I want to insanely. So. This post to what now. To the fact that I'm tired of being shy and I think that it should not be. All that is killing us , we need to change. So, I began to seriously deal with the issue and all as one experts told me – it's not fat , it's water. Feet swell and get this picture. What to do? Drink more water , but only until 6 PM, to further swell . To completely change the diet and I am very proud of myself that here, as I don't eat a lot of different breads and croissants . Dumplings after a night of vodka don't count. Sorry, I snapped , I was stressed. Massages !!! At the same time to lose weight and lift !!! It's important not to forget . Yesterday in my favorite @comfortzonespace gave me some plaster. It should be kept every 24 hours . I don't know how it works, but I'm ready for anything ! And most importantly – this hall and cardio in anti-cellulite pants !!! This is important ! So I run, I lose water, I get massages, and I don't eat shit . What else ? I really need allies in this terrible struggle . Any Tips for your doughnut ? ❤I

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"It's not fat, it's water. The feet swell, and we get the following picture. What to do? Drink more water but only up to 6 evening even more swollen," - explained Sedokova.

In Addition to compliance with drinking regime, the actress now adhere to a healthy diet. She gave up her favorite dumplings and croissants. In addition, the singer began to make a special massage that smoothes the skin. The most important point in the fight against "orange peel" Anna called cardio-training in anti-cellulite pants. 

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