Ani Lorak was ridiculed in the network for a bad photo in a swimsuit

Ani Lorak is an active user of social networks. Shooting, performances, holidays in hot countries - the artist regularly shares with subscribers moments of his life. But this time it didn't go according to plan.

Usually Lorak's photos get a lot of likes and positive comments, but this time something went wrong. Resting on the island of Mykonos, the star posted a photo in a revealing black bikini with cutouts and instead of the expected admiration received a flurry of criticism. 

Ani Lorak in swimsuitphoto Source:

"Photoshop or bad shot? Legs are unnaturally turned out", "grows Old and loses a form", "Swimsuit pulled the figure and made it look like a sausage", "Sample durnovkusiya" - sarcastically wrote Internet users. Tired of criticism, Ani soon removed the sensational photo.

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