Angelica Varum: my figure is perfect

Popular pop singer Angelica Varum has long been considered one of the most desirable and attractive women of Russian show business. Angelica admits that it was not without the help of plastic surgery: several times the pop star resorted to the services of professional specialists. Also Varum on opportunities churchgoers on receptions to cosmetologists.

But we have to admit that the figure of the singer – is entirely its merit. Angelica is constantly engaged in fitness, follows a light diet, and here's the result! As for food, the star says that exhausting diet – it's not for her. It is important to determine a special diet, which includes all vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and stick to it.

Now 44-year-old singer possesses the beautiful flat tummy and highly inflated press. In Kiev recently took place shooting a new video with Varum, and photos from the filming are already available on the Internet.

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