Anfisa Chekhov lost weight to 46 size: photo before and after weight loss famous TV presenter

Viewers remember the beauty of the dumpling, but she is now slender and graceful. Many suspect Anfisa Chekhov of liposuction, as she quickly achieved incredible results of weight loss.

In fact, surgery is not needed. To lose 25 kg of excess weight she was helped by dietary restrictions and yoga!

Instead of rigid diets - simple rules

Anfisa decided not experiment with hard diets that are harmful to health, and asked for help from a professional nutritionist, who gave her some recommendations:

№ 1. in Any case impossible to give up your favorite treats, but limit their number. For example, one cake a week is unlikely to be a threat to a beautiful figure.

№ 2. Must adhere to a fractional power - 5 times a day but small portions. This approach helps to avoid sudden jumps of insulin in the blood and the appearance of a strong sense of hunger, which usually leads to overeating.

№ 3. you Need to regularly cleanse. One day a week will be enough to cleanse the body of toxins, carcinogens and salts of heavy metals.

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The Choice of this direction, first of all, was due to the desire to grow spiritually, and the loss of excess weight was a nice bonus. In addition, yoga has helped Anfisa achieve Royal posture, improve stretching, accelerate metabolism and get rid of chronic stress, which is the main enemy of beauty and health.

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Yoga and sultry countries simply created for each other. The sound of the ocean and music are not needed, and the chatter of yoga titcher way??Yoga, it's been three years, my drug. They say a lot of ex-addicts go to yoga because deep spiritual immersion in it gives the brain the same "coming" as from drugs. I have never taken drugs in my life ( I consider Marijuana to be no more drug than nicotine, alcohol and sugar! Yes, and with her we were not particularly friendly☺), but after yoga feel happy, funny and peaceful. Only, now, a good teacher is hard to find. Such that he enters the yoga hall and fills it with his energy, and I would like to drink this energy like living water in large SIPS. When I ask what direction of yoga I do, I do not know what to answer. For me, the direction of yoga, it's like that religion...a lot of them, and their adherents think that they are radically different... but in fact all about one! And knowing religion, not knowing God. So is yoga. Well, poses by different names, the order is different, somewhere more stretches pranayam, somewhere, physics, but somewhere solid gymnastics... But most importantly yoga is the state in which you come after it! Like junkies. Main "arrival"??? Here in the hotel yoga slaaaaabenkaya,but in a beautiful place??

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Anfisa notes that yoga classes should be regular. Only in this if they bring the desired result. If you skip training or do only when you are in the mood, there will be no progress.

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Many fans Anfisa write: "you Have iron willpower", "What you done, put a lot of work". However, she claims that all her efforts were aimed exclusively at recovery, and in order to lose weight, she did nothing.

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Moreover, the star realized that he lost only when all her possessions became her hanging!

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