Anastasia Burdyug: facial gymnastics, exercises

Look younger than his age helps gymnastics for faces Anastasia Burdyug. As a rule, newfangled techniques are expensive, and do not always give the result. In addition, not every woman will agree to go under the knife or to give injections. Salvation is a special gymnastics, which has no side effects, but with the right technique helps to look younger, tightens the oval of the face, makes the skin elastic. Even those who do not believe in the effectiveness of this technique, try to try it, because, in fact, do not lose anything. However, numerous reviews indicate that it works.

Anastasia Burdyug: biography

The Method of rejuvenation called "Super face" in Russia is officially presented by Anastasia Burdyug. Until 29, she lived a normal life, not thinking about the need to perform specific facial exercises. And when she began to notice the first signs of aging on her own face, she decided to get acquainted with this technique closer. The secrets of natural skin tightening she studied in Europe, having visited the founder of this direction Carol Maggio.

Today Anastasia Burdyug teaches the correct technique of gymnastics for the face. She has a lot of experience. For seven years, a woman has been conducting classes on the technique of "Super face". Many people wonder: how old is Anastasia Burdyug herself? She is 37 years old, but her appearance can envy 25-year-old girls. This once again proves that her method works. According to Anastasia herself, such the amazing result she managed to achieve exclusively exercises for the face. They never called for plastic surgeons, has not imposed special medication by injection.

Note! Currently, the only official representative of the techniques Carol Maggio is Anastasia Burdyuh. It is licensed to carry out its activities.

Coach invited on TV, she interviewed for magazines and Newspapers, she actively communicates with her fans on social networks, answering numerous questions. The Anastasia argues that the rejuvenation technique tested even celebrities.

Gymnastics from Anastasia Burdyug: 13 exercises for the face

According to Anastasia Burdyug, 57 facial muscles are involved in the performance of the complex consisting of 13 consecutive exercises on the course "Super face". Classes can be carried out in the home. Video lessons on performing gymnastics for the face of Anastasia Burdyug can be found on the YouTube channel.

Correction of an oval face

As the skin ages, the contours of the oval face become blurred. With daily strengthening of the facial muscles can achieve a clear contour in just six months. Perhaps this is one of the most important exercises of the course to strengthen the face of Anastasia Burdug.

And fulfilled it the next way:

  1. Slightly open mouth, his lips inside of the mouth and teeth covering them.
  2. try to lift the corners of the lips and at the same time to resist the muscles to do it failed.
  3. Imagine how the line of the oval flows the energy.

This exercise should be performed for half a minute.

Facebuilding with Anastasia Burdyug presented in the video.

Strengthening of the muscles and skin of neck

Using conventional massage impossible to eliminate the wrinkles in the neck area, but it is the first to reveal the real age of the woman. This exercise is effective, it is proved by numerous reviews and the coach.

To increase the elasticity of the skin on the neck you need to do the following:

  1. Sit upright in a chair or lie down on a flat surface. It does not matter which starting position is adopted. The main thing is to feel comfortable.
  2. Clasp the front of the neck with your hands.
  3. lean forward Slightly, pushing your chin forward as far as possible. Hand must not change position or relax your grip.

To Do about 20 repeats. With the right technique, the coach promises the first visible results after 2 weeks.

Improving the tone of the neck and chin

As the skin ages, it begins to SAG not only in the neck, but also on the chin. With the help of the following exercise, which is part of the fitness for the face with Anastasia Burdyug, you can achieve the lifting effect.

Do the following:

  1. Raise the head to the chin were at the top. However, strongly throw back his head back not is.
  2. Place one of the palms at the base of the neck.
  3. to smile broadly, but in such a way that its teeth were visible. Pull out the tongue and reach the tip to the nose.

Do the exercise 20 times. The fact that it is performed correctly, indicates a slight discomfort that occurs at the extreme points on the back of the neck.

Note! When performing charging for the face with Anastasia Burdyuh muscle there must be tension. This indicates the achievement of a rejuvenating effect.

Sharpen the contours of the mandible

When approaching forty years of age, a woman notices the beginning of the formation of the second chin, which many of the fair sex is subjected to shock. It is possible to avoid its formation, if you do the following exercise:

  1. a Bit to open his mouth, wrapped his lips so so that the teeth are covered.
  2. the Gaze is directed straight. To perform the movement, similar to digging for something.

Sufficient to repeat this exercise 5 times.

After that you have to lift the chin approximately 1 cm, and then repeat the same movement 5 times. Then take the shoulders back, then stretch out face up. Raising his hand, strain it, draw an imaginary the line-up. It should pass from the bottom of the face to the top of the air.

Smoothing nasolabial folds

Wrinkles, passing from the wings of the nose to the corners of the lips, observed even before 30 years, and with age only become clearer. Anastasia Burdyug offers to get rid of nasolabial folds with such a simple exercise:

  1. Open your mouth. Lips strain to form with them an oval.
  2. Lead index fingers on the nasolabial folds, without touching the skin. These are movements in the apparent flow of energy.

Removing bags and hollows under eyes

The Course "Super face" by Anastasia Burdyug also helps to get rid of puffiness and hollows under the eyes. Face fitness gives the skin elasticity and helps to maintain its tone.

To make the exercise, you will need:

  1. Press lips to teeth, opening his mouth. The lips have to create the oval.
  2. Place on cheekbones index fingers. Strong pressure should not be, just lightly touch the surface of the skin.
  3. Wrinkle your nose. Speak the letter "e" holding the tension.

Do 20 repeats.

to Make the facial features are expressive

This exercise helps to make facial contours more expressive. It requires the following:

  1. Open slightly his mouth and close her teeth lips.
  2. the Fingers are placed about the cheeks, but touching the skin must not.
  3. Alternately strain and relax the muscles, imagining how the energy coming from the fingers is absorbed.

Enough to make about 30 of these pulsations, spending approximately every 1 second.

Removing circles under the eyes and lifting the upper eyelid

Such gymnastics for eyes from Anastasia Burdyug helps to remove circles under eyes and lift drooping eyelids. While doing the exercise, as follows:

  1. Place index fingers over the bridge of the nose. They must touch.
  2. place Thumbs under lower eyelids.
  3. eyes tightly shut, fingers moving up and around.

Lock position for at least 40 seconds.

lower eyelid Lift

Training Anastasia Burdyuh it helps to tighten the lower eyelids. To do this:

  1. Place index fingers in the lower eyelid area. They should lightly touch the surface of the skin without exerting pressure.
  2. Narrow your eyes, look up. With the correct technique of the exercise, muscle pulsation will be felt.
  3. Stretch forward face, simultaneously taking his shoulders backward.

Stay in this position for 40 seconds.

Getting rid of wrinkles on the forehead

As you know, facial wrinkles on the forehead can be formed in his youth. The following exercise will help to smooth them:

  1. to Position the fingers on the forehead, so that they are slightly above the eyebrows. Little fingers on the hands at this time should be a little contact.
  2. to Push down, simultaneously raising his eyebrows. Eyes upward.
  3. to Keep tension to a burning sensation.

Enough to mark 40 seconds to complete the exercise.

Correction of the shape of the nose

This exercise of training Anastasia Burdyuh can be used to eliminate the consequences of a failed rhinoplasty. Is done it as follows:

  1. Touch the index finger to the tip of the nose, slightly raising him up.
  2. Fingers of the second hand gently to clasp the nose on top.
  3. Pull down the lower lip and fix the position for a few seconds.

Repeat 40 times.

lip Lift

With age, the corners of the lips begin to fall down. To return them to previous position, the following exercise is used:

  1. Tightly cover mouth, straining them.
  2. Place index fingers at the corners of the lips. However, there is no need to exert pressure.
  3. Lift the corners of the mouth in a small smile. Please continue to strain your lips.

Remove your fingers and then start the exercise again. Making it about 50 second.

Add lip volume

All women dream about plump lips, however with age they become thinner. To return them to their previous volume, it is recommended to do this exercise:

  1. wrap the Lower lip with the index finger so that it is pressed against the gum above the teeth.
  2. Pat the second index finger over the upper lip.
  3. Spread your fingers on sides and Pat in the corners of the lips.

Repeat, spending a total of about 40 seconds.

before and after the exercises

The Effectiveness of facial gymnastics from Anastasia Burdyuh confirmed not only video but also photos before and after classes'.

Video: exercises on the course "Super face" by Anastasia Burdyug

On its official website Anastasia Burdyuh guarantee the results after the six-month course, however with proper exercise technique. No need to exert strong pressure, pressure or other actions with use of force. All exercises are performed easily and naturally. If in the course of employment will be felt pain, exercise should be discontinued immediately.

Video tutorials for performing gymnastics with Anastasia Burdyuh will help you to become familiar with the technique of fitness for the face.

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