American diet: what is the American diet, diet and reviews

American diet foodThe Problem of excess weight in America is acute, but the Americans are looking for is not too hard ways to lose weight. Therefore, diets and other methods are different loyalty to the slimming. They differ in ways of impact on the human body. In some cases, passive participation is sufficient.

The Easiest

One of the American methods is the way of the world. It has long been a trend and popular not only in America but also on other continents. And its developers are not nutritionists and programmers, as well as the Institute of weight recovery.
The essence of this method is to influence the human subconscious. In simple terms language – sit and lose weight. Exposure is carried out using 25 frame. This technique has long been exaggerated, because everyone knows that the consciousness is absorbed only 24, and the next is perceived by the subconscious.

The program has promises to develop in a person the habit to eat properly and remove from my life, junk food, overeating.

The Slender Method is a computer program, so no physical actions or time costs from a person are needed – just turn on the computer and activate the program.
The action of the program in each case individually. If a person is set to lose weight, then his subconscious will quickly accept those messages that will be sent to him. But if it is negative, then the program will not help.
American diet food

The Most extreme

Next diet is called "roller coaster." This name it received because its basic principle – to change the number of calories. The body is always in tension and waiting for how many calories it will be sated today. But if you do not support this practice of alternation in the future, the weight will return very quickly.
Designed diet for three weeks. Main thing the requirement – to remove from the diet of fatty foods. Everything else can be consumed within the allowable number of calories:

  • the first three days maximum the number of – 600 kcal;
  • from fourth to seventh – 900 kcal;
  • for the second week are allowed up to 1200 kcal;
  • third week repeats the first.

Just three weeks, according to reviews, you can throw up to 7 kg, if you connect more and small physical loads. If sports are intense, the number of dropped kilograms will increase to 9 per week.

The Most traditional

Among these diets the American version really looks more like a traditional nutritional principles. However, some aspects of this system can cause confusion. Even a set of products in the diet is quite high in calories. However, judging by the reviews, this system works. It is designed for 13 days. During this time you can part with 7-8 kg.
American diet food
The peculiarity of this American method is that Breakfast for almost two weeks is almost the same. The dominant component in it is black coffee. Addition to it can be a cracker, 1 egg, Apple or orange. And this diet is repeated daily. But Lunches and dinners vary depending on the day.

  1. lunch 200 g of boiled chicken or fish with lots of greens, and for dinner – 100 g of boiled beef and croutons.
  2. Lunch consists of 200 g of stewed spinach and the same amount of liver. For dinner, you need to make a vegetable salad, boil a soft-boiled egg and eat a sandwich with ham.
  3. In lunch boil 200 g beef, and after it eat 1 citrus and 1 Apple. You need to have dinner with 2 boiled eggs, 2 thin slices of ham and 2 tomatoes.
  4. lunch boil 200 g chicken and make a salad, and for dinner – 50 g low fat cottage cheese, fruit salad and 1 Cup of yogurt.
  5. lunch – 150 g of carrots 150 g of beef. Dinner consists of eggs with vegetables and 1 Apple (orange).
  6. lunch is 200 grams of boiled fish and vegetable salad, and for dinner – 200 grams of beef with bread.
  7. 200 g cooked rice and the same amount of beef for lunch. For dinner – 1 glass of kefir, 2 chicken cutlets and fruit.
  8. Starting from the eighth day, the daily diet is repeated.

As you can see, the American diet very loyal. It in one meal a combination of incongruous foods, the dinners are very dense. To achieve the result, you need to drink more liquid and do not eat after 17.00-18.00.
This American method is suitable for those who can not deny themselves the Goodies and stick to a one-component menu.

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