American diet for weight loss, reviews, menu

The American diet or diet "Dinner Cancelling" ("dinner minus") this new life well well-known principle:

Breakfast eat yourself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give to the enemy.

Now the American diet is very popular in Europe. This is the most suitable diet for those who prefer a healthy diet, in addition, no doctor will object to this diet.

Actually this is not a diet, but nutritional guidelines are to be adhered to ideally permanently or at least long enough.

Most pleasant – you can eat anything you want, guided only by their appetite and, not least, a great desire to lose weight.

The Only restriction: the last meal should be before 17.00. If you get up late, between the last meal and the first should take at least 14 hours.

In the Evening, only non-alcoholic and calorie-free liquid is allowed, ideally – herbal teas that will help to remove the accumulated toxins and slags. With it is necessary to drink enough not only in the evening, but also during the day.

Although there are no prohibited products, it is recommended to choose the "right" products, in particular:

  • give up "heavy" fats, and if you eat something fat, eat it unsweetened fruits or vegetables, for example, slices of grapefruit,
  • ideal if all products are natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Of Course, on such diet not tickles to lose weight very quickly, but on it is much easier to hold out until you get the desired weight.

    And in addition to the loss of excess weight, this diet will ensure great health in the morning, the energy and the lack of bags under the eyes.

    This is understandable, because if the energy during sleep, was sent for processing and assimilation of food, now it provides cell regeneration and the production of necessary hormones.

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