All about seeds. Use and harm of seeds

Among us there is a considerable number of fans to consume sunflower seeds. The benefits of them are undeniable. This will become clear when studying the composition of sunflower seeds. Harm from seeds can also take place.

Seeds. Benefit and harm

About the dangers and benefits of sunflower seeds have been disputes. Obvious damage from seeds takes place in relation to the enamel of the teeth. With too frequent consumption, enamel gradually destroyed and bare nerve endings that can serve as the formation of caries. Abuse seeds clearly should not be, as excessive eating leads to heartburn because of the too high caloric content of this product.

There are many myths about the dangers, for example, allegedly sunflower seeds contributes to the development of appendicitis. All of us were frightened from childhood by the prospect of being on the operating table. But competent in this issue people deny any the relationship with the consumption of sunflower seeds. The use of seeds, with moderate consumption, is still obvious.

We Continue to study the harm and benefit of sunflower seeds. Vitamins that are contained in seeds, in large quantities will surprise you with their properties:

  • Vitamin A has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and improves vision.
  • Vitamin E, also promotes rejuvenation and strengthens the heart muscle.
  • B Vitamins derive toxins from the body, cleanse the skin of acne and prevent the formation of dandruff. They are antidepressants and promote healthy sleep.
  • Vitamin D is especially needed in the cloudy season, when sunlight is less and the body suffers from a lack of this vitamin, without which calcium is poorly absorbed.

Seeds and pregnancy

The Harm and use of sunflower seeds during pregnancy is not much different from the consumption of seeds out pregnancies. All also should not overdo with consumption, so as not to cause heartburn and not add yourself to unnecessary pounds.

To the question: "can pregnant women chew seeds?" the answer will be: "biting is not exactly necessary!"You need to protect your teeth more carefully, as the teeth so suffer in pregnant women with a lack of calcium in the body. So consume the peeled seeds. And the rest of the seeds ― a rich source of a huge range of necessary for you and your baby substances'.

Fried seeds. Benefit and harm

Fried seeds differ from raw ones in that when frying a large stock of all useful is lost and toxic substances are produced.

Can be whether sunflower seeds under slimming

It is Possible, but only in a small amount, since the product is high-calorie and fatty, 100 grams contains more than 500 kilocalories. But at the same time it has a high content of fiber and fibers that contribute to the normalization of the intestine.

The Use of pumpkin seeds

The Use of pumpkin seeds is huge. They normalize pressure, it is recommended to use in hypertension, improve the gastrointestinal tract, remove harmful substances from the body, struggling with worms, help with sea sickness when morning sickness in pregnant women. The list of useful qualities is too large in pumpkin seeds, the benefit is undeniable.

Now let's talk about the dangers of pumpkin seeds. Any product must be consumed in moderation, without fanaticism, as the product is high-calorie, and the extra weight is not needed. People with high acidity should carefully use this product.

When comparing use and the harm of pumpkin seeds is obvious benefit of this product.

Watermelon seeds – the benefits and harms of

Watermelon seeds are the most useful product, which is often ignored. And in vain. This is a rich source of nutrients, the main thing is not to swallow this source, and chew thoroughly. 35% of the seed consists of protein, which means you will provide yourself with a large supply of amino acids.

Kozinaki. Benefit and harm

The sweet treat it to us from Georgia. We have a popular kinds of is natural of the seeds and sesame seeds. This delicacy is full of useful and nutritious properties, but as it is prepared today with the help of sugar, it loses its healing qualities.

Sunflower seeds

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