All about pearl barley: how many calories and what useful properties

Before we start to tell you about the useful properties of barley, is first to understand all of what she made. And they make it from a whole kernel of grain such as barley, cleaning it from bran. Even in ancient times, many people called barley a unique and valuable product. Ancient warriors, particularly in Rome, is mainly fed porridge from barley, which gave them enormous strength and power. In addition, barley was used by scientists from "neighboring" Ancient Greece, as it was believed that this grain gives a person of high intellectual abilities, and also gives a good mood and vivacity.

As you can see, already in ancient times people knew about the benefits, though not barley, but it is, so to speak, the prototype of barley. At a later time, scientists were able to conduct a chemical analysis of this cereal and came to the conclusion that the benefits of pearl barley porridge is really huge and is not limited to the above properties.

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Other benefits of barley?

Pearl barley: useful properties of pearl barley porridge and its caloric content
First of all, it should be noted that pearl barley and barley cereals contain various trace elements, vitamins and minerals, dietary fibers, which are very useful for the full operation of the entire human body. Consider which substances are in the composition of the cereal:

  • Like oatmeal, pearl barley/porridge is a very considerable set of vitamins and essential substances: A, B, D and E, as well as folic and nicotinic acid.
  • 16 minerals in composition! Among them, phosphorus is especially released – it is present in the product in large quantities. Phosphorus is useful for the maintenance of metabolism, as well as for the brain.
  • barley contains so-called complex carbohydrates (more than 70 percent's.) If every morning to eat a portion of porridge, the whole day you can be cheerful and have a great feeling!
  • Also need to mention and about proteins (about 10 percent), which on their composition are highly valuable. Among the amino acids is lysine, which helps to strengthen the heart and protects against viruses, besides it breaks down fats, keeping the human body young and healthy.
  • compared to other cereals in barley, there is a considerable amount of magnesium and potassium, iron and zinc, calcium and iodine, chromium and selenium.
  • Perfectly cleanses the body of toxins. Due to the fiber contained in perlovka, comes to normal digestion and improves bowel function.
  • the Product is good for those who have allergies.
  • Earlier, Russia barley porridge was treating hangovers and poisoning.

Pearl barley: useful properties of pearl barley porridge and its caloric content
Thanks to all of the above properties can be safely to say that pearl barley porridge – just a valuable and indispensable dietary product that helps to improve the human body.

How Many calories in barley?

This Product is quite low-calorie, so you can follow a diet by adding to your diet pearl porridge. As a rule, it is best to eat in the morning, and cook pearl barley preferably on the water. Term adherence to diets: usually about weeks. We present to your attention a table that shows how many calories are contained in the product.


  • Number of proteins: 9.3 g
  • Number of carbohydrates: 73,7 g
  • Number of fat – 1.1 g
  • Calories: 324 kcal/100 g pearl barley (not porridge!)

Pearl barley: useful properties of pearl barley porridge and its caloric content
But since we do not eat dry cereal, let's see what is the caloric content pearl barley porridge cooked on water: only 106 kilocalories per 100 grams of product (vs. 324). Thus, it can be concluded that the low calorie barley, well, dishes from it are a valuable diet, thanks to which you can lose weight and improve your health.

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