All about hemorrhoids: General recommendations for patients with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a disease on the symptoms of which eating affects the most direct way. Certain products - canned food, spicy and salty food, alcohol - activate the process of blood flow to the vessels in the pelvic area. Because of this, the veins begin to stretch over time, further forming hemorrhoids. That is why you need to know everything about hemorrhoids to relieve the symptoms of this diseases.

Hemorrhoids are most often accompanied by constipation, which is the cause of bleeding in the rectum, the appearance of small cracks and wounds. This causes pain when emptying the intestine and causes the appearance of hemorrhoids. One of the integral points of treatment of hemorrhoids is considered to improve the digestive process and facilitate the process of defecation, which is why a special place is given to the diet for hemorrhoids and constipations.

All about hemorrhoids: adhere to correct diets

Diet in hemorrhoids is both therapeutic and preventive, that is, prevents the occurrence of this disease in people with constipation. The initial stage of this diet is bowel cleansing. The problem with digestion can be solved (and not worse than any drugs) in the presence of two conditions: a change of diet and strict adherence to a therapeutic diet in hemorrhoids. What kind of diet for hemorrhoids should be carried out, you can find out from your doctor. And yet there are basic principles for making the menu.

Food for hemorrhoids and fissures must, first and foremost, involve products, contributing to the systematic cleansing of the intestine and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Such food in a diet with hemorrhoids and cracks are vegetables, fruits, cereals, celery, broccoli, bran. They contain a large percentage of fiber, which perfectly absorbs toxins arising from the digestion of food, and glues them for later withdrawal. In addition, fiber perfectly absorbs water, which contributes to the rapid softening of food consumed in the intestine.

If to say that it is possible to eat at hemorrhoids in the morning, it is better to begin the day with a plate of porridge from bran and a small piece of bread with oil. For lunch, you should always eat soups, because liquid food for hemorrhoids is a necessity.

Besides, that can be there is under hemorrhoids, an important element of in daily menu must be water. A glass of water in the morning improves the functioning of the intestine, as the water expands its walls and softens the fecal mass, which facilitates the process of defecation and makes it more regular.

Therapeutic exercises and prevention of hemorrhoids.

General recommendations for patients with hemorrhoids

Patients should knowwhat not to eat when hemorrhoids:
• fried and fatty meat;
• salty, spicy, smoked products;
• limit the intake of potatoes, rice and semolina;
• beans, sorrel, cabbage, turnip and radish;
• fruit and vegetable juices, green tea;
• pastries and sweets;
• alcohol is contraindicated in hemorrhoids.

Knowing all about hemorrhoids, you can significantly reduce the risk of exacerbations of the disease. However, not only proper food for hemorrhoids has particular importance.To the human body worked well, you need to eat on a schedule, that is, learn not to miss meals.

Hemorrhoids and physical activity

To Combine the diet you should be active physical activity. Hemorrhoids and physical activity are integral parts of each other. Simple, but very effective exercises will help you to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, and may forget about it forever (depending on the stage of the disease). In addition to fitness for prevention and treatment of the disease is very helpful swimming and massage. It takes only 10-15 minutes a day to significantly improve blood flow in the pelvis and improve intestinal contraction.
Sometimes you need to change your diet and habits to change your life for the better!

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