Aerobics for weight loss at home: video

Aerobics for weight lossAerobics for weight loss is the most common choice among clients of fitness clubs. Meanwhile, gym instructors believe that such training is at least useless in the long run. However, many of us prefer easy to move to beautiful music in the company of an energetic instructor, as in the video, not to lift weights in the gym. is it True that aerobic exercise useless for those who dream of losing weight for how long?

Step-aerobics for weight loss

The Most common claim to aerobic group training – they do not help to correct the figure. Really, if you have a significant disproportion, for example, excessively developed shoulders and narrow hips, step will not help you in any way. But if the task – to get in shape, a little tighten the figure and lose weight, it's a great workout.

Strictly speaking, step-aerobics for weight loss – whole family of activities:

  • Power Step helps to work the muscles of the whole body at the same time and get the load on the cardiovascular system and burn from 350 to 600 kcal depending on the intensity of classes
  • Dance Step will teach you how to move beautifully, to put the steps in the dance a bunch and help burn fat with pleasure.
  • Step Interval is suitable for those who do not have time to do strength exercises and cardio separately. This tutorial best burns fat, provided that you will eat right.

How to do step for weight loss? First of all, you you need to choose two lessons of classical step aerobics or Step 1, Step 2, depending on your level of training. The main purpose of these classes is to get cardio, increase calorie consumption. To improve the effectiveness of training should not eat 1, 5-2 hours before and after training, and on this day do not include strength exercises. To not just lose weight, but also to improve the figure, add to the basic step Interval or Step Power. Do them twice a week, but not day after day. The rest of the time, rest and recover, you can do stretching or breathing exercises. This mode will help you to speed up metabolism and avoid overtraining.

Dance aerobics for weight loss

Dance aerobics for weight loss – Zumba, latina, belly dance, hip-hop and many other areas. This is the most diverse segment of aerobic lessons. Perhaps on the basis of each popular dance today developed a fitness class.

What advantage dance aerobics for losing weight before a regular dance class? First of all, you will not stop during the session, and therefore the pulse will not leave the zone fat burning. This is extremely important to achieve a stable result. In terms of weight loss, it is much better to move without a break for an hour than to spend 90 to 120 minutes at a dance school and get a load of less intensity.

In addition, fitness classes dance aerobics, unlike dance, include not only learning dance "PA", but also power movements that can change the shape of your body and tighten the problem areas. Usually the instructor pays some time exercises for the press, buttocks, thighs, back and hands. Well, the main advantage of dance classes is that they will train you with pleasure, and therefore less to miss classes.

And aerobics for weight loss you can do at home. Everything you need is on the video, so with this type of activity you can save on a subscription to the fitness club. Choose a lesson to taste, and improve the figure with pleasure at home!

Video: aerobics for weight loss at home

For clarity, see the video, which shows in detail how to do aerobics exercises for weight loss.

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