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Aerobic exerciseAerobic exercise, which is very effective, will help you to Look always slim and be in great shape. Jogging (fast walking), swimming and Cycling, aerobic dancing, exercises with rope – help to maintain health and beautiful figure.

Aerobic exercise features

Aerobic exercise – based on the ability of muscles to gain energy through oxygen oxidation of glucose.

Aerobic exercise involves large muscle groups and can be performed for a long time. Exercises improve ventilation, help to strengthen the cardiovascular system. In addition, regular aerobic training will help:

Principles of effective aerobic exercise

To obtain effective results, the following should be observed principles:
• Frequency: it is recommended to start with 3 times a week, a break between classes – no more than 2 days. Then, if your goal is to lose weight, increase the number of sessions to 5-6 per week.

• Duration: 30 to 60 minutes. Gradually increase your training time.

• Intensity: the recommended heart rate range is 60-85% of the maximum heart rate. The intensity of effective training should be such that you can calmly say two or three words, but could not talk (sing) constantly, keeping breathing calm.

• To obtain the maximum effect it is important and so positive attitude to fitness. Choose the exercises you like you.

Types of aerobic training

Jogging is the most common type of aerobic exercise. For best results, it is recommended to run 4 times a week for 40 minutes. Running helps to get rid of excess fat by absorbing a large amount of oxygen, which promotes blood circulation in the vessels. Whenever possible, try to run or walk, thus developing their endurance and physical activity.

Swimming is also a very effective exercise that requires 30-60 minutes. If you are new to this sport, start with 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing the time and intensity of loads. For people who have joint diseases, swimming is not only a way to maintain excellent shape, but also a means of alleviating pain, as water relieves tension in the joints. Also swimming has a beneficial effect on the heart, increasing the frequency pulse's.

Cycling involves use as exercise bike in the gym, and a standard bike, using, at the same time, all open spaces of the street. But keep in mind, a leisurely drive through the Park – it's more relaxing procedure than exercise. Effective is riding uphill or at high speed. This ride helps to get rid of excess weight, creating tension on the knees, hips and back. Cycling is an indispensable orthopedic exercise for people who are unable to walk and run for a long time.

Water aerobics is aerobics (Aqua aerobics) performed in water and contributing to the achievement of good results in maintaining sports shape. In many cities, Aqua aerobics courses are becoming more widespread, water aerobics is recommended, including for women during pregnancy. Especially this type of aerobics is common in the United States. Psychologists recommend this type aerobics, as a relaxing and soothing agent, which also contributes to the development of thinking.
Water aerobics courses are held under the supervision of qualified professionals who competently make the program, and will monitor the correctness of the exercises.

Having Tried each of these sports, you will decide which exercise suits you best. Running contributes to the loss of extra pounds. Swimming is an effective remedy for the treatment of joints. Cycling – exercise that has a higher load, which also helps to get rid of excess weight.
Aerobic exercise for weight loss at home

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