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Diet AdaptAttention wanting to lose weight the new methods of power, allowing you to part with excess weight without debilitating hunger. This is an adaptation diet that successfully adapts to the individual characteristics of each organism and makes it possible to avoid addiction and stagnation, which are often found on diets, which slows down the metabolism, and the weight does not go away. Practice shows that the adaptation diet is really works.

How does the Diet adaptation

The Uniqueness of the technique is that it works throughout its length without losing effectiveness. Thanks to the special menu, the body does not feel a lack of nutrients and does not perceive food as a diet, parting with fat easily. Others cause diet "starvation stress", which reduces the metabolism. In practice, it looks like this: the weight, reaching a certain point, ceases to decline and so it happens regardless of what kind of diet it is. If you convince the body that hunger does not exist and he has nothing to fear, providing him with a variety of food, you can lose weight without problems. To do this, there is no need to make a complex menu, adapt diet simply delivers nutrients in a certain sequence.

Adapt diet

Day the first – fish.

It is Also called "omega" day, as during it the body receives shock dose of saturated omega acids, which are not processed into fats (with moderate consumption), but help burn saturated fats in the body, contributing to weight loss (more: on the benefits of fish oil). Thanks to this beginning, the body for the next four days of the diet does not feel the lack of calories.

    This day is necessary to eat sea fish, seafood and sea cabbage.

The second Day – a protein shake mix.

Use protein food and a minimal amount of carbs is in fat cells "glucose hunger" and leads to "shrinking" the fat cells and a simultaneous decrease in the body.

    The cocktail includes milk, cottage cheese and a piece of banana.

The Third – day pectin.

This substance is found in apples (and other fruits) and acts especially. Pectin will help bind and remove all toxins from the body that accumulated for the first 2 days in the process of splitting fat cells. And acetic acids, which are also found in fruits, have the ability to penetrate deep into fat deposits, destroying not only their upper layer, but also splitting the lower (more: Apple cider vinegar for weight loss). As a result, the adaptation diet continues to work and the weight goes away.

Fourth – day detox.

When fat cells disintegrate, toxins remain that need to be removed from the body in a timely manner, otherwise you feel weak. To neutralize the remnants of fat cells, on this day, the diet recommends to eat only buckwheat, fiber which helps to clean the intestines, and a large number of mineral or drinking water without gases.

After that, the diet is repeated in the second round, this alternation eliminates plateau effect which mono long cease to operate.

Menu for diet Adapt

In omega day fish is used in any form (baked, boiled, steamed, stewed), but not salted or smoked. Fish should be fresh, canned will not work. The same applies to the permitted on this day and seafood sea kale. Salting the food can be, but it is better to use minimum of salt in order not to block the liquid. To increase the amount of omega acids, you can additionally take fish oil. You can drink water or tea, coffee, but without sugar.

In day "mix" prepare one portion of the cocktail as follows: 3 tablespoons of cottage cheese pour a glass of milk, add 2-3 pieces of banana. Mix everything in a blender, or just mix in a plate. If you do not drink milk, you can replace it with yogurt or soy milk, you can add a little vanilla. You can drink 5-6 servings of protein shake a day. You can not add salt and sugar. Except cocktails in this day can be to drink only water.

pectin In the day any varieties of apples are allowed (apples can be baked with a small amount of vanilla, it reduces appetite) and freshly squeezed Apple juice (in small portions). You can also drink water and eat dietary Supplements – sources pectin's.

Cleansing day involves the use of 3 to 5 servings of buckwheat porridge without salt and butter. Additionally, it is recommended to drink activated carbon, one tablet per 10 kg of weight. You can drink mineral water or non-carbonated drinking water, you need to drink 2-2. 5 liters of water per day.

Adaptation diet, like other diets with alternation of monopoly, does not allow the body to go into energy saving mode. Due to this, the result is similar the power system is noticeable and is 2-5 kg per course. But especially pleasant is the moment that the diet adapt is suitable for everyone and shifts the weight from the dead point even in the most advanced cases.

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