Acne on the face: causes, diet and treatments

With the emergence of pimples on the face at least once in life every woman faces. This problem is called "acne". The most prone to acne women in critical periods of life: the period of puberty and during pregnancy. Also, acne can be a signal of serious problems in the body that require treatment.

As reprisal a pimple?

A combination of several predisposing factors is necessary For the formation of a pimple on the skin. The main one is increased sebum production. The work of the sebaceous glands regulate hormones. With a sharp change in the level of women hormones (for example, in adolescence or during pregnancy and after childbirth), as well as the appearance in the blood of a large number of male hormones (for example, in some diseases of the ovaries) increases skin salinity.

Another factor is disruption of normal microflora of the skin. The use of poor-quality cosmetics, antibacterial soap, aggressive means for removing makeup – all this can lead to a decrease in the protective properties of the skin. Upon free place there are "bad" bacteria that populate the hair follicles and skin pores. At the place of such settlement and there is a pimple.

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Diet and pimples

Scientists still can not figure out why the use of some products in humans occurs acne. A strong correlation is revealed between the use of dairy products, chocolate and the appearance of acne. Perhaps this is due to a change in bowel function. A variant of genetic predisposition is also considered.

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In Addition, a direct relationship between the presence of excess weight, diabetes and acne development. This is due to changes in the properties of the skin in these diseases. As a result, the bacteria-protectors normally inhabit our skin, cease to perform its function.

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Ways to solve the problem

Before you start to treat acne with special "chatterboxes" based on antibacterial drugs, you need to adjust your power and lifestyle. If acne is not associated with hormonal disorders, a rational balanced sufficient (but not excessive!) eating can solve the problem. In some cases, you will have to limit the use of sweet and milk to replace dairy products. A gradual reduction in excess weight will also not be superfluous, but a sharp loss of ten kilograms can aggravate the situation.

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To get rid of acne, you need to learn correctly to wash. Remember that wash in the cold season should be no more than 2 times a day, and in summer – as necessary. During washing, the skin is washed off the protective lipid film, which allows aggressive bacteria to attack the skin pores. For washing, it is best to use plain water and a mild detergent. Use soap is not recommended. Scrub in the acute period of the disease should also be excluded. During the subsiding process, you can use a soft scrub with small particles. Care products skin with oils is not recommended. Oil particles can clog pores and aggravate the problem. To moisturize the skin is best to use emollients.

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And if nothing not helps?

Perhaps, the reason the emergence of pimples lies much deeper. Do not prescribe medicines, creams and ointments yourself. Better get advice from a dermatologist and take a blood test for hormones. Never squeeze inflamed pimples on the face, especially in the nasolabial triangle. Infection, located in the depths of the skin pores, through the veins of the face can easily go to the brain and lead to serious consequences.

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