Accelerating metabolism

Everyone who has been on a diet long enough has faced a situation where the process of weight loss begins to slow down or, worse, the weight for some time at all stops at one value. It seems that the diet has stopped working, it is necessary to try something new or further reduce caloric content. But if the diet is already tough enough, the caloric content to reduce is no longer where. And the feeling of hunger can not escape.
How? avoid a similar situation? First of all, to abandon the classical principle of diets – daily calorie restriction. Constantly limiting yourself not only on caloric content, but also on a set of products, you enter the body into a state of stress. He begins to think that hard times have come, and in such a situation it is necessary to switch to the economy mode. Therefore, all metabolic processes are slowed down, the person becomes more sluggish, sleepy, apathetic, the body temperature decreases slightly and slowing heart rate. As a result, metabolism slows down. To avoid this, it is enough to alternate days with a normal calorie diet (about 2000 kcal per day) with fasting days when the caloric content does not exceed 800 – 1000 kcal.

Scientists have found that the body is not so important how many calories from food received for each specific day. A person never eats the same amount of food every day, but, if overeating occurs at least occasionally, there will be an increase in body weight. The same is the case with weight loss. If the total caloric content for the week will be insufficient, the body will be forced to spend their fat reserves. Try to keep a food diary for the week, estimate how many calories you get for the week. If this value is 10500 kcal or less, then the diet is hypocaloric, and the weight loss process is correct. With this approach, the body does not have time to accept periods with insufficient food, as a permanent situation and does not go into saving mode.

Which interleaving mode to choose is up to you. If you are comfortable, you can choose a day – every other day, that is, one day you consume 2000 kcal, the second 800 – 1000 kcal, then again 2000 kcal and so on. If it is not convenient, then give preference to mode 3/3. Some people generally alternate weeks of normal diet and strict diets. It doesn't change the point. That especially attractive with this approach, you can stick to the diet as much as you want, until the desired result is achieved. But that's not all. Through the days with normocaloric diet (2000 kcal) you will form the right eating habits and to maintain weight you will not be difficult.

Everything that was told above is an ideal situation when you lose weight at the same time, and learn to eat correctly at the same time, at the same time do not feel any discomfort. But at all it turns out not at once. The fact that people who are overweight, the caloric intake is initially much higher than normal. It can be up to 3000 kcal and even more. Therefore, even 2000 kcal is perceived for them as a hard limit, they are constantly experiencing hunger. About the feeling of fasting days and say no. Therefore, to come to such a power system will require effort and time, not everything will be obtained from the first time. Of course, you can help yourself by using tools to suppress the appetite.

It, in this case, is not about dietary Supplements and folk remedies such as soda or ginger. They have no effect on appetite. Only drugs such as as Goldline Plus, affect the center of saturation in the brain. When using them, the feeling of satiety is prolonged, as a result, the feeling of hunger is dulled, and you want to eat less. It was found that the use of such drugs caloric intake is reduced by an average of 25%, the amount of food consumed by 20%. But that's not all. Such means enhance thermogenesis (heat production by the body), that is, accelerate metabolism. Due to this, an additional 100% is burned per day kcal.

Some experts recommend resorting to such drugs, if independent attempts to lose weight within three months did not lead to anything or gave a slight result, others believe that weight loss should start with them, because only with their help you can immediately learn to control your diet. Each point of view has its own logic. For the duration of taking such drugs to suppress appetite, too there is no consensus. It is known that the effect of these funds develops gradually during the first month of continuous intake, and the maximum effect is observed in three months. Some doctors believe that this is enough to refuse to take the drug and restrict only diet. In extreme cases, they recommend a few months to repeat the 3-month course. Other doctors note that a longer course of 6 months can not only effectively reduce weight, but also form the right eating habits, which allows you to maintain and maintain the result for a long time. But the views are not divided, the choice still remains for you.

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