Accelerate fat burning for weight loss

The Process of fat accumulation or burning depends on various factors. It is influenced by physical activity, emotional state, metabolism, blood sugar, etc.

Accordingly, there are ways to increase the intensity of fat burning.

How to speed up fat burning for weight loss

  • One and a half to two hours before training, eat a small sandwich with chicken or low-fat cheese. You can drink glass of milk. This will increase the intensity of the workout, which will burn more fat. It is necessary to sustain time precisely. To do completely on an empty stomach is not recommended.
  • To stabilize the heart rate, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Such breathing better oxygenates the blood, which helps speed up fat burning. At first you have to control your breathing, but soon it will become a habit.
  • Intensive loads leave one last. Active fat burning starts about 15 minutes after the start of classes. This means that it is recommended to start with a warm up, then move on to power exercises, and only after that to carry heavy traffic (Bicycle, aerobics or running).
  • Change the nature of the load. With constant training with a constant set of exercises, the body gradually adapts to them and thus spends less energy on performing the usual movements. The change of exercises makes the body work more intensively, performing new, unusual work. Moreover, after the end of training, the body will remain in a state of increased "mobilization"for longer.
  • Apply strength training. Increasing muscle mass is a reliable way to speed up fat burning. A kilogram of muscle requires almost 10 times more energy than a kilogram of fat tissue, even at rest. And, in visiting special centers is not necessary, a good effect gives even training with conventional metal dumbbells weighing up to 3 kg.
  • Sports during the premenstrual period. Increasing the level of progesterone and estrogen helps to accelerate metabolism. During this period, one third more energy is burned.

Fat burning Products:

There is needs often and are. It is generally recognized that fractional power helps reduce body weight. It will save from overeating, the inevitable companion of hunger. The break between meals should not exceed 4 hours. In addition, frequent nutrition supports metabolism at the required level.

Don't forget to have Breakfast. The absence of a Breakfast significantly slows down metabolic processes, which does not burn the right amount of fat. In addition, for lunch there is a feeling of hunger, provoking excessive consumption of food.

Remember that alcohol significantly affects the process of metabolism. Alcohol consumption triggers the accumulation of fat. This is exactly proved by English scientists. The opinion that alcoholic beverages contribute to weight loss is wrong.

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