About types of female physique

Body types in womenAccording to one of the classifications, there are three types of physique: asthenic, normosthenic and hypersthenic. Each of them is attractive and sexy in its own way. After learning more about your physique, you can choose the right set of exercises and direct your efforts to that area, which is inclined to completeness. As a result, you can become more attractive and confident.

Types of physique have women

There are several classifications, which allow understand, what have girls figure. All of them are based on the ratio of body parameters. According to one of them, the female body is compared to an Apple, pear, banana or hourglass. Apple ladies have wider shoulders, slender legs and a tendency to fullness. About such say "with male figure." The pear ladies have a massive bottom that tends to accumulate fat. They have narrow shoulders, a flat stomach and a great abs. Banana ladies are naturally thin and slender. The shoulders, waist and hips have about the same. The figure of "hourglass" is considered the most desirable: the hips and chest it is about the same, and the waist is well expressed.
According to another classification, each shape is assigned Latin letters A, H, T, O, X, I. But in anatomy fixed three Latin names. Knowing them, you can not only choose the right set of exercises, but also throw out of the wardrobe is not suitable for the figure of things.
Body types in women

Asthenic type of physique

In this type of physique, women rarely have problems with excess weight. They're skinny, with a long narrow neck, flat chest and elongated face. Increase them above average, and the muscles are poorly developed, so they lack the strength and endurance. Energy and elegance are their advantages. Asthenic women are advised to engage in those sports disciplines that would compensate for their fragility. That is to develop strength and endurance. For example, dancing, aerobics, swimming. The" test " for astenik is the volume of the wrist. It will not exceed 16 cm.

Normosthenic type physique

The Most proportional of types. It's the most common. Long legs, slender waist, medium height – these are the signs of such a figure. Normostenik have good coordination and quick reaction. They are best suited outdoor games such as football or basketball. The length of the wrist they will be between 16 and 18.5 cm.
Body types in women

Hypersthenic body type

It is characterized by heavy and broad bones, voluminous chest and not very long limbs. Below average height. Women with such a figure are strong and hardy. Gipersteniki it is advisable to practice yoga or martial arts. Special attention should be paid to weight: slow exchange substances make them prone to fullness. Such people have the amount of the wrist will exceed 18,5 cm

How determine type of physique

The Above method has already been described, according to which the body type was calculated using the volume of the wrist. This part of the body is chosen as a reference for the reason of not accumulation of adipose tissue on it. Also, it is much easier to make a measurement using a centimeter tape than using complex calculators or comparing your reflection with a photo. This the parameter will help you to better understand your body and choose the main training program for it.
Body types in women
So, measure the type of bone:

  • less than 16 cm to your normal weight will be lower than that indicated in the tables. To keep it normal, eat high-calorie food and do not be afraid to overeat;
  • from 16 to 18.5 cm – the average rate, which provides a balanced diet, which makes you be careful with sweet and fat;
  • more than 18.5 cm – your weight can go (or has already gone) beyond the norm, so you should pay attention to a constant diet and sports.

It Must be said that any type of figure can be beautiful. The main thing that should attract a woman is her healthy harmoniously developed body.

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