About the benefits of water | For weight loss and health

Once Again about the use of water for weight loss and health.

Some facts about water:

  • Water is in all foods, together with solid food we get about 1.5 liters of water.
  • need to get about 1.5 litres already in liquid form.
  • But, according to statistics, most of us drink less than half of the required amount of water.
  • drinking is Especially important enough water for full people.
  • In this case if you drank a little, increase the amount of water consumed should be gradual.
  • With active weight loss, it is also necessary to increase the amount of drinking water.

Water with mineralization up to 0.5-1 g/l is most suitable For drinking. Water can not be replaced with coffee, tea or carbonated drinks:

  • After drinks containing caffeine, you want to drink even more.
  • And fizzy drinks leach calcium from the body.

What happens when the body begins to experience water deficiency:

  • Blood becomes thicker, starts to flow more slowly through the vessels. The consequence will be slowing metabolism.
  • Constant lack of water can be a real cause of feelings of lethargy and fatigue, which we often attribute to stress.
  • Joint problems can also occur due to lack of water: reduces the amount of joint lubrication that is necessary for the normal functioning of the joint.

Studies show that simply eating needed by the body the amount of water can cause you to forget about constipation, back pain, migraines, rheumatic pains, hypertension. In addition, the increased cholesterol level will decrease and, if the diet is observed, the excess kilograms will go faster.

  • Signals that the body gives about the shortage of water, we often take for hunger signals.
  • Signs of dehydration, which we can see for yourself:

    • the skin is dry and peeled,
    • headache and dizziness occur periodically.

    How much water to drink a day for weight loss

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