About the benefits and dangers of infrared saunas. Contraindications, and reviews

Infrared saunas can be seen today in almost any beauty salon or sports (fitness) club. However, there are also "home" options: cabins designed for home, apartments, as well as office and even portable. It is believed that the infrared sauna can effectively throw off the extra kilograms. Whether it is really useful to carry out such procedures and what are the contraindications – you will learn later in this article.

Manufacturers of this "miracle"-devices assure: these procedures are not only harmless, but also the most useful for the human body, because spending time in the cockpit, a person gets rid of excess fluid accumulated in the body. In addition, metabolic processes, called simple metabolism, are accelerated. And the heating of the body, as you know, already contributes to weight loss. The question is, is it possible to lose weight without diet and exercise? And can infrared sauna to introduce harm for a man?

What is an IR sauna?

First of all, it is necessary to explain what is an infrared sauna. This is a special type of sauna, the walls of which are equipped with infrared emitters. By means of a certain wavelength the human body warms up much better than a conventional sauna or a bath.

Infrared sauna for weight loss. Reviews

The Principle of the device is quite simple – the radiation of IR waves intensively affects the soft tissues, leading the body to heat up and accelerating the speed of the molecules. At this time, as a rule, the vessels dilate and blood circulation becomes better. One of the best advantages of IR-"bath": cleaning muscle tissue from excess lactic acid, which is a big plus for those involved in the gym – as according to the reviews of people, after training, pain is reduced if you visit the sauna, because the acid accumulating in the muscles is easily removed by infrared rays.

Accelerating metabolism

When the body warms up, all the metabolic processes inside are much faster. Spend only 30 minutes in the cockpit and you will lose a lot more calories than half an hour in front of the TV screen. There is only one caveat: because everyone is arranged in different ways, the degree of addiction and all different. It is known that only a small percentage of people after visiting this type of sauna do not get the desired effect, as the level of metabolism they remain unchanged.

Is it Possible to combine with diet and fitness?

Need. The fact is that for 25-30 minutes spent in the sauna, you can lose an average of 120 kcal. It is clear that this is a very small amount of calories, so consider the infrared sauna for weight loss separately from diets and physical training just doesn't make sense. On the other hand, if you regularly combine this procedure with proper nutrition and constant training, the benefits will be considerable.

Useful properties

Infrared sauna – about the pros and cons of infrared sauna
The use of infrared sauna is huge and we suggest to make sure of it:

  • As already mentioned above, blood circulation improves and tissues warm up.
  • Dilate blood vessels and prevent plaque formation.
  • lactic acid is Excreted from the muscles. As a result, after training there will be no severe pain in the muscles.
  • IR sauna is harmless for people with ICD (vegetative-vascular dystonia) and those who can not tolerate severe heat.
  • Use for the heart: an infrared "sauna" is a great cardio workout. Due to the heating of the heart is significantly improved.
  • During heating in the sauna the body receives the necessary amount of oxygen and increases metabolism.

Harm to the infrared sauna

But in all whether cases useful sauna? First of all, you need to consult a doctor before the first visit. We think we should not talk about the abuse of IR procedures – in all you need to follow the measure. The main negative points are as follows:

  • you can Not use creams and masks in the sauna, as well as essential oils
  • do Not apply cosmetics before the procedure

Infrared sauna – about the pros and cons of infrared sauna


Of contraindications can be identified as follows:

  • Malignant tumors
  • uterine Fibromyoma, mastopathy, and adenoma
  • pressure Problems, heart
  • Kidney disease
  • Arthrosis and arthritis
  • Thyrotoxicosis
  • skin Diseases

How to take sauna – basic rules

  1. session Time: 20-30 minutes per day.
  2. Better take a sauna in the evening and preferably after an active workout.
  3. You can drink some water during the procedure.
  4. Before the sauna, eat a light snack or drink juice from vegetables or citrus.
  5. Take a shower before the procedure.

If you follow these rules, then a visit to the infrared sauna will give only the maximum benefit to your body and help you lose weight.

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