A simple set of exercises for weight loss, which is easy to perform at home

Everyone dreams of a perfect figure, but not everyone has the opportunity to regularly visit the gym. However, this is not necessary.

You can lose Weight with a simple set of home exercises that do not require the use of special equipment!

Exercise "Vacuum" for flat belly

Before performing a set of exercises, be sure to do a little warm-up. It will help to increase the effectiveness of training and minimize the risk of injury.

Step 1. Lie on a Mat, place hands along the body, legs bend at the knees. Take a few slow breaths. Relax as much as possible.

Step 2. Take a deep breath through your nose and a sharp exhale through your mouth while trying to press your stomach to your lower back. Stay in this position for 7 seconds, holding your breath. Then restore normal breathing and repeat the exercise.

Over time, breath holding during exercise increase to 15 seconds. And the number of replays to 10.

Plie Squats to develop your thighs and buttocks

Step 1. Starting position - legs are wider than shoulders, socks "look" outside, hands in front myself.

Step 2. Go down so that the legs in the knees form a right angle. Note that the knees should be parallel to the socks, not to fall inside.

Adjust the Number of sets and reps depending on your fitness.

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Static exercise "Chair" for slender legs

With your back to the wall, step away from it is half a step and start to slowly descend, as if you sit on an invisible chair. Legs in knees should form an angle of 90 degrees, and shoulder blades should be pressed against the wall. This position should be held for 30 seconds, and then rise and relieve tension, shaking the feet and hands.

Repeat exercise 3-5 times.

Exercise "Diamond" for tightened hands

Step 1. Stand up straight, with your feet shoulder width apart. Hands close together in front of them so that they only touch each other with their fingertips. Elbows try to keep higher. There must be tension in your hands.

Step 2. Take a deep breath through your nose and then forcefully exhale all the air through your mouth and suck in your stomach. In the breath-holding phase, press the fingertips together as much as possible. Count to 5 and get your breathing back to normal.

Rest for 30-50 seconds and then repeat the exercise 3 more times with breaks.

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This set of exercises is one of the most optimal, as it involves almost all muscle groups, helps to work out the problem areas of most women and get rid of fat deposits. It is important to note that over time in your training process will need to make a variety, as the body quickly adapts to the proposed loads!

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