A simple and memorable set of exercises to warm up

A set of exercises to warm upWarm-Up is a set of specialized exercises, the purpose of which is to prepare the body for the main load. So we prepare the musculoskeletal system and coordination for work, as well as focus, improve accuracy, we reach a certain mental mood. Good exercise, designed to warm up, prevents injuries, so do not neglect this event. Remember, it all starts with warmups.

Full set of exercises for warm-up

The Set of exercises presented below will help the body warm up. It is perfect for any person, whether professional boxer or housewife who is engaged in fitness. Warm-up is an important part of the training, do not miss it.

  • Rotate the shoulders: head straight, legs shoulder width apart, arms hanging along the body. Rotate the shoulders back and forth. This exercise is suitable for warming up the whole body.
  • the Second rubber – Mahi hands. Put your feet shoulder width apart, head straight, arms along the body. Rotate your hands back and forth, crossing them on his chest.
  • Bend feet. We stand on the left leg, lean forward, fix the position on both hands. Raise the right leg, then bend and unbend the left; perform the same for each leg.
  • Do squats. Stand with legs shoulder-width apart and hands on hips. Crouch deeply and take a breath.
  • For back very useful attacks. Put your feet shoulder width apart, feet should stand parallel to each other. Hands on belt. Do lunges left and right. Squat deep on one leg and stretch the other. It is important not to tear off the feet.

Watch your breathing while exercising. It should be smooth, calm and deep. Excluded sharp movements, jerks, etc.
A set of exercises to warm up

Effective workout in motion

Active movement and warm-up perfectly are combined. Perform a dynamic warm-up according to our recommendations! Before the main training is very useful to perform activities such as running on the spot, jumping, etc. you can Also work out a little on the treadmill.

  • Put hands on hips, hop on one foot with change of foot.
  • Jump on both feet on an imaginary square or triangle.
  • Jumping sideways, from one foot to the other on the spot across the line.
  • Jump out of the half squat or full squat position (up or forward).
  • Put your hands on the belt, jump on both legs and turn 180 degrees.
  • Jump on one foot moving forward.
  • Jumping on one leg left and right.
  • Pulling your knees up in the jump (kangaroo exercise).
  • Jump over bench.

Simple Jogging stretching exercises

Running exercises are perfect For warm-up. They have a positive effect on the heart, blood vessels, energize. It is believed that you can finish the warm-up and move on to the main exercise after you start sweating. This is the first sign of warm muscles. So, running warm-up:

  • Run "snake". Need to run around racks, obstacles and different objects.
  • Arbitrary acceleration (up to 5 m).
  • Running with throwing straight legs forward or backward.
  • Highly raise the thigh under running performance.
  • Run and seglistitem Shin ago.
  • Perform running backwards.
  • Perform an additional step (right and left side).
  • Performing an additional step in the "tennis stand" alternately left and right side.
  • Movement sideways (left and right) cross step. For example, when moving the right side of the left leg put the variable: the cross, the front and rear right. The right leg should be moved only to the right.

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