A set of exercises with dumbbells at home: video

A Set of exercises with dumbbells helps to form athletic forms, strengthen muscles, lose weight and make the figure beautiful. To say that this sport is practiced exclusively by men, it would be wrong. There are many women in the world who have devoted their lives to such trainings. Doing with dumbbells is not necessarily in the gym, it can be easily done at home conditions.

Features of classes with dumbbells

A Range of dumbbell exercises to strengthen muscles and reduce weight requires paying attention to many small details on which the end result depends. First of all, the inventory should be convenient, preferably with removable pancakes. This will help regulate weight.

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In Order to properly perform a set of exercises with dumbbells without the help of a coach, consider the following features of training:

  • novice athletes need to alternate sessions with the rest, but just 1-2 days to recover;
  • before you start a complex of training with dumbbells, you need to warm up to prepare the muscles for the upcoming loads;
  • it is necessary to adhere to the correct technique of performing exercises with dumbbells, otherwise they will be ineffective and will not help to lose weight;
  • we should gradually increase the weight;
  • matter to experience "muscle failure" - it is not necessary to begin chanting, if it is felt that to execute it up to the end there are no forces any more.

Adhering to these recommendations, it is possible to obtain maximum effectiveness from the workout with dumbbells.

A Set of exercises with dumbbells for all muscle groups

Complex training with dumbbells on all muscle groups allows you to lose weight and gain the desired shape in a relatively short time. However, the effectiveness of the program depends on perseverance, the number of repetitions, compliance all rules and recommendations, body design and other nuances.


You Should stand up straight, feet set shoulder width apart. With dumbbells in your hands, you need to sit down, bending your legs at right angles at the knees, and then return to the previous position. Squat gives you the opportunity to pump up the gluteal muscles, it will have to fall even lower. Enough 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

Bench Press

For training the right bench, which is placed at an angle of 40 degrees. You need to lay down on it, legs bent at the knees, feet set on the floor. In the hands of are dumbbells. You need to raise both hands at once and slowly return to the starting position. The maximum possible number of repetitions and 3 approaches are allowed.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home


"Hammer" perfectly works the biceps and requires a leisurely run. In the standing position, the legs are placed on the shoulder width. Players must take turns to bend and straighten the hands with weighting. Inventory at the same time each time reaches the shoulder. Palms "look" at the body. You want to 10 reps and 3 sets.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

Bicep Exercises

This exercise is allowed to be performed from two positions: standing with legs wide apart or sitting on a chair. Its essence consists in alternately bending the elbows with dumbbells. Allowed about 8 reps per hand, 4 approach's.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

During sitting exercises similar actions are carried out. The elbow of the working hand rests against the leg. At each increase, you should expand your palms out.

Triceps Exercises

To work out the triceps, you can use one of two effective training options. In the first case, you need to stand up straight, armed with dumbbells and lift them up over his head. The inventory is lowered behind your head, and after it's back to normal. When performing this exercise, you can use two dumbbells or take one with both hands. Elbows in this case are in minimum activity. They participate only in the flexion and extension of the arms. You will need 10 repetitions with three approaches.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

As for the second triceps exercise, it is almost the same. The only difference is that the non-working hand rests on its side.

Thrust dumbbells

Often beginners believe cravings dumbbells fairly simple task. However, it, like others, requires practice and skill. Not everyone gets the first time to master it. There are two options.

To perform a thrust dumbbells in the slope, it is necessary to use a support that is approximately waist level. On it rests the left hand, while the right falls down. Then the hands should be changed. Enough for 10 reps and 4 approaches.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

The Second option involves the use of a horizontal bench. The left knee and palm rest on it, and the right leg occupies a stable position, preparing for the lowering and lifting of the weighting device. The number of approaches and repetitions is similar to the previous version.

Exercises for shoulders and deltoid muscle

Feet put on width apart, back bent at the waist at a right angle, hand weights fall down, then get divorced around and fall. It is important that they are fixed for a few seconds parallel to the floor. If the first stage is difficult to perform the exercise with straight arms that permitted them slightly bent at the elbows. Exercise with dumbbells to strengthen the muscles will be less effective, but after a short practice will perform it correctly. The main condition – the body remains stationary, only the hands work. This exercise makes it possible to pump not only the shoulders, but also the deltoid muscle. Need 7 reps and 4 sets.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

Upper back Exercises

A Set of exercises to strengthen the back muscles is presented in three different options.

In the first case, you need to stand directly on the floor, feet set slightly narrower than shoulder width. Hand with inventory hanging relaxed at your sides. Shoulders slowly rise up to ear level, and then just as slowly lowered. At the same time, trapezius dorsal muscles work.

The Second option exercise on the upper back also fulfilled from position standing still the hard the surface. The legs are set at shoulder width. One hand is moved forward, and then bent into elbow at right angles. At the same time, the other hand is retracted and similarly bent. Then they return to the previous position, and then change places.

The Third version of the load on the upper back muscles is performed from the standing position, legs together. They're a little bent at the knees. Hand weights at the same time bending the elbows and rise up to the underarms. Then return to the starting position. The main load goes on shoulders.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

Exercise for the muscles of the upper belts of the back

It is Necessary to stand up straight, legs set on shoulder width. The hands with weighting attached to his chest, palms facing the torso. Inventory rises alternately, the brush takes place outside. Exercise helps to work out the muscles of the upper back. You need to perform 3 sets of 8 reps.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

Chest Exercises muscle

To execute a complex of exercises for development of the pectoral muscles, beginners enough of one's inventory. It is desirable to use a dumbbell, where the pancakes are rearranged.

It is Necessary to bend the body slightly, straighten the arms forward, slowly pull the dumbbells to the chest, bending the elbows and knees. Then the hands should return to its original position. It is enough to perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions'.

Leg muscle Exercises

You Must stand in a position so that one leg was slightly in front. In this hip rested the hand with dumbbells. The other leg, which is left behind, rests on the sock. Attacks are made forward. Then the legs should be reversed.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

Video: a set of exercises with dumbbells at home

The video clearly shows a set of exercises with dumbbells at home that help to lose weight and build muscle. It can be more closely acquainted with the technique and features of classes. The video is presented in two parts.

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