A set of exercises in the gym: tips for training in the gym for beginners, effective exercises for weight loss

From slim and toned figure hardly anyone would have refused. However, modern urban residents who work in the office, it is difficult to achieve good physical shape without visiting the gym. If you have the idea that you need more time to devote to sports, read the tips for beginners.

Gym classes for beginners: useful tips

A set of exercises in the gym: tips for beginners

Classes at the gym for beginners men or girls – is a laudable thing, but requires some preparation. Below are some useful tips to help start an active lifestyle nice and hassle-free.

  • Find a personal trainer
    At the initial stage of preparing the body for serious loads beginners may need the help of an experienced mentor. The coach will make a training program and adjust the diet.
  • Not to engage in excess of
    If you are just starting to go to the gym, then stick to the training split – 2-3 days a week with breaks for rest and recovery.
  • Pay attention to "base"
    The formation of muscle mass and relief is based on the use of large muscle groups: back, chest, legs. That is why you need to include in your training complex basic exercises.
  • Conduct warm-up and hitch
    Before doing exercises in the gym, it is important to warm up the muscles and warm up. At the end of the complex in the gym will need a muscle hitch or stretching.

The Time of one lesson for beginners should not exceed 1 hour. After training, it is desirable to use a protein shake and how to eat.

Men's training program in the gym for weight loss

Before proceeding to the review of the training program for weight loss, we note one significant nuance. There are complexes of physical loads on strength, on the development of muscle mass and fat burning. If you if you want to lose weight, then train in the hall according to the appropriate program, and do not borrow from the neighbors in the hall exercises for weight or endurance.

A set of exercises in the gym: tips for beginners

Set of Men for weight loss:

  1. Run or work on cardio
    Run in a circle or on a special running simulator. Start with 3-5 minutes of continuous running, gradually increasing the pace and time to 20 minutes. Running strengthens the legs and helps burn calories.
  2. Squats with barbell or jumping
    Beginners are advised to do squats and jumping up. Advanced men will approach squats. At first, the optimal weight will be normal vulture.
  3. Twisting and leg lifts
    Abdominal muscles need particularly careful study. If you have in this area there is a fair amount of fat, then make the body lifts with the emphasis of the legs in the Swedish wall.  Then go to the leg lifts with the support of the back on the simulator.
  4. push-UPS-half-prised-stand
    From the standing position, squat, and then take a lying position – do a push-up from the floor, sit down again and finally stand up. Exercise involves all muscle groups and accelerates the blood through the body.

This fat burning training package allows you to strengthen your muscles and reduce your weight without any risk to your health.

Effective exercises in the gym – how to make a training program

Exercises in the training room, which are not based on any program, of course, will bear fruit, but will be less effective. To improve your results, divide training program for 3 days.

A set of exercises in the gym: tips for beginners

  • on the first day work out the pectoral muscles and biceps;
  • on the second day, pay attention to the back muscles and triceps;
  • on the third day, engage the legs and shoulders.

Training Program for the beginner in the hall:

  • bench Press – make 3-4 warm-up approaches, then go to the working weight.
  • push-UPS on bars – depending on the torso tilt, work out the pectoral muscles or triceps.
  • deadlifts – works the muscles of the back and increases endurance. It is advisable to do different traction grip that allows you to hold much weight.
  • Pull rods to the belt – performed with the pelvis pulled back, and the emphasis is on the back muscles.
  • Pull – UPS-a wide grip in pull-UPS to the crossbar provides a drawing of the broadest muscles of the back.
  • Squats with a barbell – the best exercise on the back of the thigh and calf muscles.
  • Spreading arms with dumbbells – the load falls on the shoulders and on the front beams of deltas. Mahi to the side are performed in a quiet pace, without jerks.
  • the lifting of a weight on a biceps – one of the most effective exercises for the hands.

Effective training in conjunction with proper nutrition will help to gain an attractive figure and improve health.

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