A proper diet menu for weight loss for women

Making a menu for each day for weight loss can be a difficult task, especially if you are constantly changing your diet in search of the "most effective diet". So, on Monday you decided to cut calories and bought chicken Breasts, buckwheat and celery. On Tuesday, read about the system minus 60 and realized that you can not live without morning cookies. In the end, is endless "documania" products and budget melts with the cosmic speed. What not tell me about the body fat. They are just a little react to our racing from one diet to another.

If you are tired of diets, we offer the option of proper nutrition for weight loss: a scheme of a rational diet with elements separate power and provisional menus for weight loss for women.


1. Scheme of proper nutrition for weight loss and menu
2. Menu for a week for weight loss

Diet Plan for weight loss and menu

Usually supporters of a separate food is recommended to eat 3 times a day, and not use fractional power. However, most modern nutritionists hold the opposite position. They believe that it is much better at weight loss tolerated 4-5 meals a day. We offer you 2 flexible schemes.

For three meals a day:
Breakfast (for the menu for each day, select one of the options):

  • 300 g of fruit and 50 g of coarse bread;
  • 300 g berries and 100 g oatmeal or any other porridge ready;
  • Omelet from 2 eggs with vegetables excluding carrots and eggplant, vegetables take in not more than 300 g;
  • 200 g cottage cheese and 100-300 g berries, which are combined with it.


  • Soup on vegetable broth with vegetables, 300 g any porridge on water, vegetable salad;
  • Soup with vegetable broth, 60 g of coarse flour bread, vinaigrette with potatoes and vegetable oil;
  • Soup in meat broth, no potatoes, 300 g of broccoli;
  • Fish or chicken, steamed, 200-300 g, 200-300 g of vegetables type of cabbage, cooked also for a couple.
weight loss Menu for every day at home


  • 300 g fish, chicken Breasts, beef or shrimp, 300 g cabbage, zucchini, steamed green beans, with spicy herbs and sea salt;
  • 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese, salad of cucumbers and greens, 300 g;
  • 300 ml of light vegetable soup;
  • 300 grams of any porridge on the water (if for lunch you have not eaten bread and side dish).

At five meals a day a portion of porridge and bread is cut in half, that is, for example, instead of 300 g of porridge in the finished form we take 150 g. But in return we can add 2 snacks to choose from every day:

  • 100 g berries, 30-40 g whole-grain crackers;
  • 100 g of fruit, low-fat yogurt;
  • 30 g of nuts;
  • 200-300 g melon or watermelon;
  • 200-300 g other fruits.

Supporters of the classical separation of power suggest eat sweet fruits alone or with whole grain foods, and sour – and you can with dairy products.

Usually between Breakfast, lunch and dinner is recommended five-hour breaks, if you eat fractional, "in the middle" you can eat.

Menu on week for slimming

Three meals a week menu for a woman who wants to lose weight:


    300 g sliced Apple bake in a microwave oven with cinnamon, toast a little bread in the toaster, spread the toast with the resulting Apple paste, you can add tea or coffee with stevia or simply without sugar.


    300 g buckwheat strictly without oil, cabbage salad, plus vegetable soup, such as broccoli soup without adding milk, cream or potatoes. Portion of soup – no more than 300 ml.


    200 g of low-fat cottage cheese, 1 Apple with cinnamon baked in the microwave, spoon natural yogurt.


    Defrost frozen berries or rinse fresh, oatmeal cook on water with a pinch of red pepper and cinnamon, slightly cool, add berries. If it seems sour in the water for cooking the oatmeal, add stevioside. Additionally – tea or coffee without milk and sugar.


    Vinaigrette, a couple of slices of black "Borodino" bread, vegetarian soup or borsch, can be even with small number of potatoes, the total number of first – not more 200 ml.


    200 g shrimp, dill, lemon juice, a little stewed broccoli.


    Beat Eggs with sea salt and spices, fry vegetables slightly, pour egg mixture. Strictly eat scrambled eggs without bread, you can enjoy a Cup of tea or coffee.


    Grilled Chicken breast (300g), plus "cocktail" of vegetables – zucchini, onion, greens, some tomatoes if you eat them.


    Millet or barley porridge, you can with any herbs and a small amount of quality vegetable oil.


    Skim Cottage cheese mix in a blender with blueberries or blueberries, if the consistency is dryish, you can add a spoonful of yogurt.


    Steamed fish, plus green beans, also steamed. You can fill any low-fat sauce, allowed in a small amount of natural soy sauce.


    Portion (200-300 g) of red beans with low-fat tomato and bell pepper sauce, if you eat "from a jar", watch the salt content on the package, and choose a product without preservatives.

A proper diet menu for weight loss

    Take 100 g of boiled buckwheat, add any herbs and lemon juice (very limited), for dessert – a large pear, plus tea or coffee.


    Any vegetable soup on meat broth, strictly without potatoes and carrots. Suitable, for example, mashed cauliflower soup, 300 ml, in addition – 300 g of broccoli or kohlrabi for a couple.


    300 g shrimp, optional – a glass of dry white wine.


    50 g of bran bread toasted in a toaster, complete with slices of avocado, herbs and sea Sol. Plus tea or coffee as usual.


    Grilled Veal 300 g, plus "cocktail" of vegetables – bell peppers, red onions, carrots, some tomatoes and herbs.


    Serving vegetable soup or any stewed vegetables, 300 g, strictly without potatoes. You can add a couple of diets-bread or bran.


    Cook 2 eggs soft-boiled, green beans and broccoli cook for a couple, complement Breakfast with tea or coffee.


    Serving any vegetable soup, 300 ml, plus meat or fish, grilled or steamed.


    A Portion of cottage cheese, 200g, yogurt, and berries or green salad of your choice.

Remember that drinks with sugar are prohibited, is allowed use of stevioside (natural sugar substitute for diabetics'.) It is also necessary to drink clean water in an amount of about 2 liters per day, in addition to your usual tea or coffee.

Strictly speaking, supporters of the classical separation of power encourages only drink water and tea from herbs, but the rate of weight loss couple of cups of tea hardly affected.

A Bit of humor on the wrong diet.
What would happen to animals if they also ate fast food:

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