A little about the benefits of porridge for weight loss and health

Porridge has been part of the human diet for a long time. Any porridge is not only tasty, but also useful. There are many varieties of cereals, and cooking recipes do not count. With grits in our body comes plant fiber, which helps to eliminate toxins, additionally cereals rich in minerals and vitamins.

Buckwheat porridge ranks first on substance group vitamins B among cereals. B vitamins have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, nails and hair. Lack of these vitamins leads to insomnia and stress. The composition of buckwheat includes such trace elements – iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

  • Iron in the human body is part of hemoglobin, responsible for the delivery of oxygen. Lack of iron can lead to lower levels of hemoglobin – this disease is called anemia.
  • Calcium prevents the formation of caries, increases bone strength.
  • Potassium has a positive effect on blood pressure.
  • in buckwheat also in large numbers contains rutin. This substance helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and is a good prophylactic against varicose veins.

Effective for weight loss is considered buckwheat diet porridge.

Oatmeal is not only a dietary dish, but also contributes to the improvement of mental processes and lowers cholesterol.

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Since ancient times it was known that millet porridge gave strength and vigor and all this thanks to the high content of trace elements such as iron, fluorine, magnesium, manganese and silicon.

The Most useful is considered rice porridge, welded out of whole brown rice, which removed only inedible shells. This is due to the fact that the bulk of trace elements and vitamins contained in shells that are removed during grinding.

A Leader among the cereals, the content of phosphorus is barley porridge. Phosphorus is involved in metabolic processes, and is responsible for muscle function. To speed up the process of cooking pearl porridge cereals must be pre-soaked in water for about three hours. The taste of pearl barley porridge deteriorate during storage, so it is better to use it immediately after cooking.

Contents in manna porridge vitamins are minimal due to the peculiarities of its manufacture. But because of the minimum fiber content, it is easily digested, so it is recommended to include in the diet of people with a sick stomach.

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