A couple from the United States dropped 185 kg. for 2 years

Spouses lexi and Danny reed got married when weighed 220 and 127 kg respectively. The newlyweds did not meet the standards of beauty, but they loved each other and dreamed of having a child. However, due to overweight, lexi and Danny have health problems that do not allow them to become parents.

It was then that the couple decided to change their lifestyle, and in 2016 arranged a marathon called Baby Reed. V as a result, for two they managed to lose 185 kg of excess weight in 2 years!

History of weight loss

The First step on the way to weight loss was the rejection of the usual diet. If earlier the couple often went to the cafe and could absorb 8 000 kcal for two, now they began to monitor the caloric content of their diet and cook on their own. They replaced fat and fried food with fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, the couple completely abandoned alcohol's.

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#mancrushmonday it doesn't matter what size I am the fact that @discoveringdanny always loved me unconditionally and always makes me laugh harder than anyone else will always be my favorite thing. He loved me no matter what size I was and committed to spending his life with me when I was 485lbs. Together we may have lost 407lbs but we have carved the future we dreamed of and a longer marriage together! Find someone who loves you for you & dont settle! #wedding #love #goals #gains #swolemates #swolemate #laughter #fattofit #obesetobeast #fedupfam #dietbet #transformation #extremeweightloss #transform #couplegoals #fitcouple #relationshipgoals #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitness #fitfam #weddingdress #plussize #effyourbeautystandards #gym #relationshipgoals

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After changes in the diet I decided to go to the gym. Every morning, lexi and Danny went to a 45-minute cardio session. If at first people looked at them with surprise because of their size, then – because they were the most hardworking athletes in the gym.

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#throwbackthursday my wife and I have come so far together. We went from being unable to hardly do date activities other than eating to living a life of endless possibilities. We are extremely proud of our new life weve made and hope to inspire other couples to live the best life they can and improve their relationship. What's your best accomplishment? What are you the most proud of? #discipline #lifting #weightloss #exercise #motivation #lift #fitness #diet #grind #health #weightlossjourney #workoutjourney #fatloss #fattofit #fitfam #fedup #fit #fitnessmotivation #gym #gains # gymlife #gymtherapy #extremeightloss #workout

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This interesting! ? It turns out that you can lose weight, even if you just walk. The proof is inspiring story of weight loss the girl who with the help of walk dropped 54 pounds! ? ? ?

The Couple decided that every day spent on the couch, moves them away from the goal, so they trained even on the weekend. "Get up and work hard," they said to themselves every day! Later some time lexi and Danny to daily workouts added active rest: they went to Biking tours, kayaking and avoided spending time in front of the TV.

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#throwback to the first time I was able to finally ride a bike again at over 300lbs. I smile at the picture on the left because it was such a NSV that mean so much to me. It reminded me that its not about the weight that you lose, but the life you gain. It reminded me that losing weight shouldn't be boring, can be fun, doesn't have to be in a gym, and to fall in love with the journey in new ways. I used to ride my bike to school growing up and some of my fondest memories are riding bikes with all the kids in the neighborhood. Riding a bike brings back memories of the days when I felt like I was free from all of lifes punches and free to live in the moment. Riding a bike is something so small to some people but something so mentally free for me. Dont forget to enjoy your journey and do things that make you feel alive! #weightloss #bike #cycling #workout #fitness #exercise #fattofit #bikeriding #fattofit #objetobeast #fitfam #fedupfam #motivation #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #transformation #motivationmonday #cardio #weightlossjourney #fit #gym #bicycle

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Efforts of spouses were not in vain: for 2 years Lexi managed to lose 142 kg, and Danny – 43 kg. And they do not want to stop there, every day motivating each other to achieve new results. The dream of a baby spouses has not yet been realized, but their positive attitude does not give doubt that they will become parents!

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