90-day diet separate food, reviews and recommendations for weight loss

Diet a separate food of 90 daysTrying to reach ideal forms, we resort to the help of various diets, many of which not only do not help to achieve the desired results, but on the contrary, lead to disastrous consequences. Often, thanks to short-term miracle diets, weight first decreases slightly, and then grows, and more than it was before the diet.

Find diets that help to get rid of extra pounds, and at the same time also useful for health is not easy, but it is possible. 90 day diet of a separate food - one of them.

90-day diet of separate food is especially suitable for those who are overweight, as a rule, in this case, a person has a metabolic disorder. Diet will allow and lose weight without much suffering, and speed up metabolic processes in the body. This will help keep the new weight after the diet.

Separate food firstly, it is useful in itself, and secondly, the effect weight loss is achieved by reducing the caloric intake.

On primary stages will require patience, patience and still get back a little patience. Gradually, your body will get used to this diet, and in the future you will be easy to tolerate the diet.

Pre-adjust yourself to the fact that the restrictions are designed for three months, a shorter period does not guarantee that the weight will not return. Strictly follow all recommendations and combine products correctly.

Before starting diet weigh and measure your volumes. Then, watching the results, you will be satisfied with yourself, noticing changes for the better, and easily hold on to this diet until the end, until the planned weight. Walk more often, run in the morning, exercise. This is all going to be good for you.

90 day diet of a separate food: principles

The Diet includes a separate food for four-day cycles, each day of which is allowed to have a certain set of products.

  • The cycle begins with a protein day, when you can eat any protein food (meat, dairy products, fish, eggs), and also greens.
  • On the second, starchy day, you can eat grain bread and other foods that include starch - various cereals, starchy vegetables (including potatoes), legumes.
  • In carbohydrate, the third day allowed grain bread, cereals, vegetables, pastries from unleavened dough (without milk and eggs), cookies and pasta, and in the evening a little bitter chocolate (required!) and dessert.
  • Fourth day – day of all kinds of fruits, eat not only fruits that you want, but also dried fruits (portion – about 8 pieces), unsalted nuts and seeds (about 25 grams at a time), drink fresh fruit juices (it should be borne in mind that juices are also considered a meal).
  • Every 29 th day diets after fruit days suit hungry fasting day on the water, followed again by a protein day.

To achieve the greatest the effect of diet all 90 days you need to strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  • first, eat only fruit for Breakfast.
  • Lunch should begin not before noon.
  • If the lunch time has not come yet and you feel hungry, have a snack also with fruit (not later than half an hour before lunch's.)
  • Between lunch and dinner - an interval not less three hours, and in protein day – 4 hours.
  • During the fruit day, it is necessary to eat every two to three hours. Don't worry if you eat a lot of fruit, over time appetite will decline.
  • don't eat after 20.00.
  • Portia, eaten in lunch – normal (solid), on dinner – half less.
  • Buy only quality and fresh products. Hidden fats, sugars, chemical additives only harm health.
  • a small amount of vegetable oil can be used For cooking and salad dressing.
  • food is recommended to simmer or boil, it is still better to use for cooking with a steam cooker and oven.
  • Limit the use of salt, a little salt is better than the finished dish. Use seasonings and herbs.
  • Required drink more liquid - at least two liters a day. You can drink tea and coffee. But be sure to drink clean drinking or mineral water.
  • Keep track of the caloric content of the food, limit the caloric content of the daily diet, especially on carbohydrate days. At first,count calories.

Exercise Regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. Physical activity develops muscle tissue, and they in turn consume energy even at rest.

Sample menu for 90 day diet of a separate food

Protein day

Breakfast – any two identical fruits (e.g. 2 apples or 2 pears or a glass of berries).

Lunch – boiled or stewed low-fat poultry (either beef, pork, rabbit or Turkey, fish and seafood, tofu, seitan) or 2 eggs or cheese or cottage cheese.
Dairy products are protein foods, so they are used only on this day. Do not allow simultaneous consumption of different types of protein foods (meat and dairy products, meat and eggs, eggs and dairy products);
a large portion of fresh salad and other greens, which can be extinguished or fried until half-cooked;
broth (permitted from broth cube) and a piece of bread.

Dinner – what you ate for lunch, but without the broth and bread. For example, ate meat for lunch, eat it and supper. For dinner, you should eat half of the dinner portion.

Drink water, tea and some low-fat milk Throughout the day.

Starchy day

Breakfast – any two of the same fruit.

Lunch – eat beans, peas, soy, lentils, chickpeas (Turkish peas), rice or potatoes, always boiled or stewed, almost without adding fat. As well as bread, salad of various kinds of vegetables and vegetables cooked in broth. Bread – no more than one slice's. In the days of starched soup cooked on vegetable-based, vegetable bouillon cube or water.

Dinner – half portion of dinner, but no bread.

Carbohydrate day

Breakfast – any two of the same fruit's.

Lunch: Boiled pasta with seasonings or pizza with tomato sauce, you can just cook tomato sauce with different vegetables and seasonings and serve it with salted cookies in an amount equal to pizza. It can also be crackers or biscuits and other pastries from unleavened dough or pancakes, of course, do not contain milk and eggs. The menu of this day is allowed to include buckwheat, barley, millet and other cereals.

Dinner: One cake, or 3 small cookies of your choice, or about the same amount of small cookies, or 3 balls of ice cream and always 1 strip of dark chocolate. If you are not a fan of sweets, eat salted crackers or a portion of pizza.

Fruit (vitamins) a day

All day, only fruits, in any combination of raw or roasted if you don't have problems with the gastrointestinal tract -the healthy food is raw fruits with the skin. You can eat dried fruits, seeds and nuts. Compotes, fruit puree or soups, use sweetener.
If you don't like fruits, combine them with fresh vegetables.

The Correct way out of the 90-day diet separate food
After enduring 3 months of diet you can lose about 20 extra pounds (assuming that they have been of course). Repeat 90-day diet is allowed no earlier than 3 months.

At the end of three months the diet you can return to the old diet, but do not overeat. If you have reached your desired weight, food combining diet you can continue to practice once a year for 15 days.

If you stick to a balanced diet, you won't get better, staying always in perfect shape.

Under the right exchequer diets you not only reach the desired, and and will continue to are lose weight and after three months diets. But if you stop sticking proper nutrition should begin to gain weight. Not worth ruin everything you've achieved. Stay in shape and eat right.

Before starting a 90-day separate diet, be sure to consult your doctor if you have any contraindications.

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