82-year-old bodybuilder conquered Instagram with their forms

Ernestine shepherd has gone down in history, writing his name in the Guinness book of records as "the age kulturistka". In his 82 years, a woman performs at competitions in bodybuilding, wakes up every morning at 5 am, runs for 118 miles in a week and she has the body of a professional athlete!

It is Noteworthy that Ernestine hated sports training for most of her life and only after 50 years of starting to master bodybuilding. By her example, a woman proves that you can start playing sports and achieve excellent results at any age!

Inspiring story shepherd

To 56 years, Ernestine worked as a school Secretary, had a couple of dozen extra pounds and never dreamed of a sports career. The idea to join the gym came after she and her sister Mildred decided to buy swimsuits for going to a party at pool's. Trying on first one, then another swimsuit women came to the horror of its unpresentable appearance.

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Someone in this situation would prefer to give up the idea of a swimsuit party, but the sisters Ernestine and Mildred were not ready for nothing surrender. They began to do aerobics, which soon began to seem to them too easy of a load.

In the end, women have moved into weight training. Soon the sisters achieved excellent results and were able to take part in competitions bodybuilders, after which Mildred told Ernestine that wants to see their names in the Guinness book of records.

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Unfortunately, not all dreams were destined to come true: in 1992 Mildred died. After the funeral, sister Ernestine lived in a state of depression for more than 5 years, until her husband reminded her of the instruction from Mildred: "If you feel that emotions are stronger and you can no longer cope - put on your sneakers, get out of the house and run."

In ' 71 Ernestine resumed weight training, and introduced the habit of Jogging for long distances. Then she won her first bodybuilding competition, leaving behind women who were several decades younger than her. And at 74 years old, Ernestine was in the Guinness book of records as the age kulturistka.

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Shepherd's Day begins at 4-5 in the morning. She prays and meditates and then goes for a run. At 8 am, the athlete starts training in the gym, which sometimes takes several hours.

To Maintain the perfect shape Ernestina help not only exercise, but proper nutrition. For Breakfast she prefers oatmeal, fruit and nuts, for lunch - chicken breast with brown rice, and for dinner - tuna and salad with greens. She also drinks 2 glasses of protein shake every day.

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Ernestine's own example proves that age is no obstacle sport. Those who constantly postpone going to the gym for tomorrow, she advises today to consult a doctor and, if you have no contraindications, start training!

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