8 foods with more vitamin A than carrots

Vitamin A is considered one of the most valuable. Without it, the normal functioning of the organs of vision, rapid healing of skin damage and a strong immune system are impossible. 

As soon as it comes to sources of vitamin A, all at once remember carrots. It contains about 840 mcg of vitamin A per 100 g, but not a record in this regard. There are 8 products in which this essential substance much more than carrots! 

1️ beef Liver

100 g of beef liver accounts for 9 000 mcg of vitamin A, that is much more than the daily value. But overdose will not happen: the product is safe. In addition, the liver has a lot of b vitamins, phosphorus, iron, sulfur and protein. 

2️ Liver sausage

Vitamin A is retained in the liver, so it is obvious that in any products prepared on its basis, it is a lot. Liver sausage is not exception: it 8 500 mcg of vitamin per 100 grams.

Liver, sausage.photo Source: pixabay.com

3️⃣ cod liver Fat

One tablespoon of liquid fat contains more than 4,000 µg of vitamin A. in Addition, this type of fish oil provides the body with the right amount of vitamin D and essential omega-3 fatty acids. 

4️ Yam

One whole Yam, baked in the skin, contains about 1 500 mcg of vitamin A. But there is one caveat: as in all plant foods, vitamin in sweet potatoes presented as beta-carotene. So, it is absorbed only in combination with fatty acids, which are present in butter, sour cream, avocado, etc.

5️ dandelion leaves

If you haven't tried dandelion leaves yet, you should do it. Just two bundles contain more vitamin A than 100 grams of carrots. 

Dandelion leavesphoto Source: pixabay.com

Chefs suggest to combine sheets dandelion with green leafy vegetables, eggs and sauce based on natural yogurt and spices. And, of course, do not forget to thoroughly wash the leaves before use. 

6️ Spinach

In 100 grams of spinach vitamin A half times more than in the same amount of carrots. Remember: for the assimilation of beta-carotene from spinach, it is necessary to use it in combination with a small amount of fat. 

7️ Pumpkin

Baked or in the form of pie - choose the option that you like. In any case, from one portion of such treats you will get a little more beta-carotene than carrots. 

8️ Kale

Kale Kale Has long been used for decorative and fodder purposes. However, gradually it reclaims its place in dietetics and cooking. This product contains more than 1000 mcg of vitamin A per 100 g and many other valuable substances.

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Our body cannot produce vitamin A independently, so the only way to get it is to provide yourself with a diet containing this substance! 

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