8 brilliant tips to help you look attractive

Since ancient times, women have paid special attention to their appearance. No wonder women's beauty was sung in verse and because of it even started the war.

If the school taught "How to be beautiful", with the help of these tips, you would have passed the exam on the top five. So, before you 8 brilliant tips for attractive appearance from the tops to the heels.

8 brilliant tips for an attractive appearance

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1. Carefully remove makeup

This advice may seem banal, however careful lifting of make-up indeed helps achieve healthy and clean skin. Best wash off makeup as soon as you come home and not before going to bed. Your skin wants to get rid of the make-up layer as well as you – from the clothes in which you walked all day.

2. Sleep on your back

Sleep is better on the back, not on belly, as in contact face with a pillow there is a risk of wrinkles, especially the nasolabial (this is the most sensitive area). If you can not get rid of the habit of sleeping face down, then get a pillowcase made of silk to to reduce the friction.

3. Do not squeeze pimples

Many girls used to squeeze out pimples, but they become even more noticeable. Sprang as red as the mask, a pimple? Don't panic! Moisten the cotton pad with eye drops from redness and apply to the pimple – it will become almost invisible.

4. Take care of the neck as well as the face

Bad news for young girls: even though there is much more available for you now than it was your mom, you have a higher risk of getting wrinkles on the neck. And all because of the habit of looking at the phone screen with his head down. Therefore, the neck should be cared for as well as for the face. Do not skimp on nutrients for this area.


5. Moisturize your hands

Regularly moisturize the skin of your hands, otherwise with age its condition will give out to others your age. Get a cream and use it in your spare minute. Apply it better when your hands are not involved.

Note! Experts recommend the use of creams with nourishing oils, as they help to keep the skin hydrated longer.

6. Maintain the beautiful color of nails

It is not about the color of the varnish for and about the color of the nail plate itself. It should be uniform, healthy. If you notice that your nails are dull or yellowed, wipe them with lemon slices for a few days. Use this method no more than a week, otherwise there is a risk to bring the skin around the nails to dry.

Note! To prevent nails from yellowing always use a base for varnish.

7. Do a scalp peeling

At Least a couple of times a month, perform a scalp peeling. This procedure will not only help to get rid of deep dirt and dead skin cells, but also from the layer of sebum. This will ensure the flow of oxygen to the hair follicles. Your hair will get the necessary amount of useful elements and will be much more beautiful.

8. Take care of the softness of the feet

In the season of sandals, it is especially important to care for skin of feet. The skin on the feet is thicker than on other parts of the body, so regularly remove dead skin cells, sloughing them with a regular pumice stone. This will help to keep the feet skin soft and tender, as well as get rid of corns and calluses.

Note! Every second woman suffers from varicose veins, but this problem will not be terrible if you use ways to prevent this disease .

As you can see, to achieve an attractive appearance simple enough, but it it takes time and organization. In addition to the above tips, it is recommended to read 7 recipes of beauty and irresistibility from Cleopatra .

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