72-year-old Clara Novikova delighted fans blooming view

Clara Novikov rarely meet at social events. The artist has not appeared in public since may last year. 

The more joyful it was for the fans to see Clara Borisovna at the Moscow Jewish film festival. Guests of the event were amazed at how good looks 72-year-old actress!

The Secret of the unfading beauty of Clara Novikova

When asked how she managed to keep her youth and beauty, the celebrity answers that the secret lies in a special type of food. Clara Borisovna has not eaten meat for more than 20 years. But in its diet a lot of vegetables, fruits and quality dairy products'. 

Clara Novikova and Leonid Kanevskyphoto Source: Press-service of the MJFF

She is Sometimes allows himself to fish or seafood. The celebrity sugar was replaced by honey and dried fruits. 

Klara Novikova notes that to maintain the beauty of one food is not enough. Almost every day the actress is engaged in fitness. 

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Clara Novikova is a perfect example of women who want to look good regardless of biological age! 

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