72 protein product Dukane: the list of allowed foods for the phase of Attack

Please note: anything that is not included in the list of allowed foods is prohibited at the stage of Dukan diet Attack. The list of prohibited products at the end of the article is not exhaustive. If you are in doubt whether it is possible to eat a certain product, and it is not in the list of allowed or prohibited – consider that it is prohibited.

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Methods of preparation of 72 protein products – cooking, quenching, steaming, roasting, grilling, grating or frying without adding oil.

The Following Dukan products are permitted without restriction unless otherwise expressly stated in the list.

Dukan Diet Attack foods allowed:

72 protein products on the Dukan diet


1. Lean meat:

• veal: chops, cutlets;
• beef: tenderloin, steak, stack of beef, sirloin, roast beef, minced no more than 5% fat (except entrecote and ribs);
• horsemeat;
• rabbit.

2. By-products:

• beef liver
• the liver birds
• calf tongue
• lamb's tongue
• beef tongue (front)

3. Allowed all kinds of fish: including fatty, lean, fresh, frozen, dried, smoked, canned, and crab sticks (the ideal composition of crab sticks: 100 grams of product 0.1 g of fat, 6 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams of protein).

4. All kinds of seafood are allowed:

• shrimp;
• crabs;
• cancers;
• oysters;
• mussels;
• sea scallops;
• lobsters;
• sea urchins;
• squid;
• shellfish;
• caviar (moderately, contains a lot of salt);
• seaweed, cabbage;
• other seafood.

5. All kinds of poultry are allowed, except for ducks and geese:

• chicken;
• Turkey;
• Guinea fowl;
• dove;
• quail;
• partridge;
• pheasant;
• other type poultry

All birds are used without the skin and tail!

6. Lean ham (2% to 4% fat):

• fat-free pork ham;
• Turkey ham;
• chicken ham;
• ham of the Grisons;
• bresaola ;
• Spanish ham, Cecina;
• basturma, etc.

Under the ham, the French often understand natural ham (cooked in a special way a piece of meat), and not what we call ham in Russia – cooked in a special way the sausage! The fat content of the usual Russian ham is around 30%, so choose meticulously!

7. Chicken and quail eggs in any view:

• hard
• soft
• scrambled
• omelet

8. Low-fat dairy products, including without limitation:

• milk fat content up to 1.5 %;
• cottage cheese 0% ;
• cheese 0% ;
• yoghurt with no additives or fillers.

A Yogurt-flavored or with fruit filling – a maximum of 2 pieces per day.

9. Not less than one and a half liters of liquid in day:

• water;
• drinks Lite 0 calories, including Coca-Cola, diet, etc.;
• herbal infusions;
• tea;
• coffee.

10. Vegetable proteins

• tofu;
• seitan.

11. Oat bran and 1.5 tablespoons per day.

Permitted additives, seasonings, dressings

• skimmed milk powder – recommended;
• sugar substitutes 0% – without restrictions (except fructose, glucose, sorbitol);

• vinegar (balsamic vinegar in small quantities in the first phase, other types of vinegar to 4 tablespoons per day);
• soy sauce (salty);
• tomato sauce and canned tomatoes (no sugar, moderate);
• adjika (moderate);
• cumin;
• garlic;
• greens (parsley, Basil, coriander, dill, tarragon, mint, rosemary, etc.);
• any spices (turmeric, cloves, anise, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, paprika, saffron, nutmeg, etc.);
• gherkins – up to 2 pieces per day;
• onions can be added when cooking, but do not eat;
• lemon and lemon juice to improve flavor as a seasoning, not a fruit;
• salt is moderate;
• mustard;
• dietary ketchup without sugar;
• ginger;
• yeast in small amounts;
• chewing gum without sugar;
• paraffin (it's vaseline) oil for salads and sauces, but not for frying! More than 1 tablespoon per day has a laxative effect;
• gelatin 0 calories;
• vanilla;
• agar-agar;
• sucking on candy without sugar – a maximum of 4 units per day, 7 kcal per candy.


• peanuts;
• all types of oil, except vaseline;
• chocolate;
• fruit;
• usual ketchup;
• regular mayonnaise;
• olives;
• sugar.

Once Again, please note: this list of prohibited products is not exhaustive. If you doubt whether it is possible to eat a certain product on a diet, and it is not in the list of allowed or prohibited – consider that it is prohibited!

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